7 Note-Worthy Sex Tips for a Taurus ...


7 Note-Worthy Sex Tips for a Taurus ...
7 Note-Worthy Sex Tips for a Taurus ...

Finally, the long-awaited sex tips for a Taurus post! I know that I've gotten a ton of questions about what sex tips for a Taurus are out there and I've scoured, looking all over to make sure that these are the best! If you've got a Taurus partner and are looking for a way to really turn them on, take a look below! I've got the top 7 note-worthy tips that will really turn your partner on!

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The Neck is a Hot Spot

The neck is something that is huge for a Taurus! If you take anything away from these top sex tips for a Taurus, take away that their neck is a huge hot-spot for them! Whether you are petting it, stroking it or kissing it, their neck is a surefire way to turn them on. Trust me on this one, guys and girls, if you are dating a Taurus, give a little nibble to their neck to see where it gets you!


Exploring the sensual sensitivities of a Taurus doesn't stop at a simple caress; it's about building intensity. As you focus on their neck, incorporate the power of breath and the warmth it provides. Lightly breathing over the skin creates a shiver of anticipation, amplifying the sensation each time your lips make contact. Be attentive and watch for cues—they revel in a touch that's both assertive and tender. Mix up the pressure; start gentle, but don't be afraid to ramp it up, as a Taurus is enticed by a partner who can confidently navigate their desires.


Slow Foreplay

If you are dating a Taurus, one of the top things that they love is slow, slow foreplay. They like the anticipation of it, they love all of the teasing and they really like to feel connected to their partner. Slow foreplay can also lead to hot and fast sex, so keep that in mind when you are teasing and tempting your partner!


Taurus individuals relish the tactile sensations and the build-up of intimacy that comes with unhurried touch. They respond exceptionally well to deep, sensual kisses, gentle stroking, and affectionate whispers that tap into their physical senses. Embrace the power of a prolonged build-up and revel in each moment; for a Taurus, this approach doesn't just enhance the physical experience, it fosters an emotional connection, elevating the entire encounter to new heights. Remember, with Taurus, patience is a virtue that is often rewarded with a profound passion.


Love Cuddles, Caressing & Sensual Massage

One thing that you'll notice if you are dating a Taurus is that they love cuddles, caressing and all sorts of soft and tender touching. Sensual, not sexual massage is a huge turn on for this particular sign. If you haven't gotten it yet, they like to be romanced, they like to really understand their partner in just the right ways!


Taurus individuals often have a deeply ingrained appreciation for the physical senses. To captivate a Taurus in the bedroom, incorporate prolonged foreplay filled with gentle strokes and affectionate whispers. They cherish the slow build-up of intimacy, preferring a languid pace to frantic or abrupt movements. Remember, the tactile experience is paramount; use luxuriously soft fabrics or perhaps introduce a feather to tease and tickle their skin. By engaging their love for touch, you're speaking directly to their heart, fueling their desire and deepening your connection.


Doesn't like Hasty Sex

A Taurus is a sign that doesn't like to rush sex. Instead, they want to feel the connection, they want to feel everything and they want to take it slow. If you're constantly trying to rush through sex and your partner isn't into it, that is probably why. Keep this tip in mind!


Taurus individuals savor every sensation, every touch, and every sound. The build-up is just as important as the climax. For them, foreplay is not just a preliminary act, but a crucial aspect of the entire experience. To truly win over a Taurus, engage in extended, sensuous foreplay, with gentle touches and soft kisses. Create an atmosphere that appeals to all their senses with dimmed lights, silky sheets, and some seductive music. Remember, patience is key—the more attention you pay to the journey, the more rewarding the destination will be.


Likes Lots of Teasing

A Taurus does like to be teased though. They like to make sure that there is some anticipation and that the teasing lasts for a while. Light kisses, sexy talk and even some light touching can really make all of the difference in the experience that you have with your partner!


To truly enthrall a Taurus in the bedroom, it's essential to understand their love for a slowly building tension. It's not just about the destination; it's about the journey. Engage in prolonged foreplay and don't rush; savor every moment with them. A whispered promise here and a teasing nibble there can send shivers down their spine. Sensual words and teasing glances are as important to them as the act itself. They find a great deal of pleasure in this dance of delayed gratification, which only intensifies their eventual climax.



A Taurus is a sign that loves attention and they aren't shy about it. They like to be watched and they like to watch you too. If you're looking for something to really turn your partner on, see if you can arrange an exhibition session, where you both watch each other. It's teasing and it's an experience!


Taureans are often seduced by the thrill of an audience or the risk of being caught in the act. Embracing their exhibitionistic tendencies could take your intimacy to new heights. Try whispering encouragements and compliments, as Taurus individuals thrive on verbal affirmation, especially when others are observing. But always prioritize consent and discretion to ensure comfort and safety for everyone involved. An impromptu striptease or a carefully planned scenario in a private but daring setting can be wildly enticing for your Taurus lover. It’s all about the visuals and the vibe—create an enticing scene that appeals to their senses.


Erotic Play/Pillow Talk

Finally, they like to role play a little bit and they also love pillow talk. Whether the pillow talk happens before or after sex, they love to really feel that deepest connection possible. The erotic play can be anything from role reversal all the way to just dressing up!

These are just a few of the different sex tips for a Taurus out there! Have you tried any of these? Have you ever tried to turn your partner on using these? Give up your secrets!

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I don’t think this only applies to Taurus

This is absolutely perfect! Everything spot on

I would think I was a Taurus, seeing this. But I'm cancer, so I'm off to find that and hope its true! Otherwise I may as well call myself a Taurus :)

Not so dead on I'm my opinion. Unless that deep connection is there or the stimulation of there curiosity or intellect turning on a Taurus can be fruitless.

Is a Leo one coming up soon?

The tips were spot on!

It's like you interviewed me for this post.

People asking for leo like, look at the older comments... She has been repeating today or tomorrow about 10 times aha!:))

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