17 Flirting Moves Most Men Never Even Notice ...


There are certain flirting moves that we all use, even though our crushes are oblivious to them. We might think that we're being obvious about our emotions, but they'll remain clueless about how we feel, because they aren't paying enough attention. Here are a few flirting moves that most men never even notice:

1. Staring


If he catches you staring at him, he might think that you were just staring into space. Even if he knows that you were looking at him on purpose, he might think that there's just something in his teeth.

Playing with Your Hair


peony blue
Are u sure???
@Theironbunny, you should find excuses to touch him a lot like play fighting. It's a nice way to come close physically
I feel u bunny n chloe
yes I am struggling...eek; and I've been doing all of the things stated haha; any other suggestions? Other than bluntly saying it (there's no way I'm doing that) 😩
I think some guys do notice I used too make a boy jealous by flirting with someone else - now he is my boyfriend and he told me that he always loved it when I starred at him
I have had plenty of guys assume I was "flirting" just because I was nice. In reality I was literally just being nice lol. Anyways, it seems like the guys who you want to notice have no idea! My husba...
What else does that leave I am running out of options?😂
Eh. I think some guys notice. My ex said he loved when I would stare at him.. And when it comes to social media if the guy is into you he will definitely notice you liking his posts and tagging him..
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