These Hilarious Tweets Describe Dating Perfectly ...

By Heather

These Hilarious Tweets Describe Dating Perfectly ...

Twitter is often full of some serious foolishness, but every once in a while, the Twitterverse is surprisingly on-point with its wisdom. One of the things Twitter always gets right? Dating. I'm so glad I never have to date again because the struggle is real, stalkers, the struggle is so very real. If you want a summary of what dating is really like, don't ask your friends or read a Cosmo article, oh no. just take a look at these tweet, which are hilarious but so, so honest, too. (A/N: Full disclosure, there are some Tumblr dating posts slipped in here, too. #sorrynotsorry)

1 Friend-zone? Nope!

Friend-zone? Nope! The relationship zone is the flip-side to the friend zone, and man, I think you gotta be bold to pull off a move like this. Why don't you try it with your crush?

2 Ice Water, Please!

Ice Water, Please! The true progression of a relationship. When you're really comfortable with somebody, you jump right to pizza with everything on the first date.

3 #relationshipgoals

#relationshipgoals But seriously, Pakalu is the funniest.

4 Netflix & Dating?

Netflix & Dating? This is actually genius, right? Netflix should get on this and make it happen. Maybe then they could stop raising our streaming rates.

5 Want a Dog?

Want a Dog? This is my idea of a perfect date, actually.

6 Yep, Me All over

Yep, Me All over Always be explicit. Leave no room for misunderstanding.

7 Always Say You're Not a Creep

Always Say You're Not a Creep Except not really because if you have to say you're not a creep, I have some bad news. You're probably a creep.

8 All the Butterflies


9 No Talking, Just Creepy Staring

No Talking, Just Creepy Staring *Braver. But other than that … yep. I remember that.

10 The Lesbian Dating Struggle

The Lesbian Dating Struggle This legitimately happens. That's usually a sign for us to pick up our game and back away slowly.

11 Best Dating Profile Ever

Best Dating Profile Ever I don't know about you, but I totally want to date Jess. Jess is my kind of girl

12 Happens All the Time

Happens All the Time What a difference a semicolon makes...

13 Oops

Oops The problem is that it's way too easy to accidentally let out a little poot when you're laughing.

14 Attempting to Flirt

Attempting to Flirt Personally, I prefer Eddie Izzard's flirting technique. Just hit your wannabe boo with a loaf of bread.

15 Yep

Yep Yep.

16 The Confusion of Flirting

The Confusion of Flirting Been there, felt that. Pro tip: if you have to wonder, it usually means you're screaming, not flirting.

17 Sometimes It Happens That Way

Sometimes It Happens That Way I think Sarah is secretly me.

Want to share some of your dating struggles?

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Either I'm dumb or since I don't really know how to zoom them in to be able to read them.. It's the same with many other of the app's posts :/ anyways bedsides thank you and have a great weekend ! :)

Hmmmm no one told me so I figured it out myself hehe :)

This is hilarious, thank you.


Half of these are tumblr posts. That's not a tweet, honey.

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