The Smart 🤓 Girl's Guide 📘 to How Men Show Affection 😘 ...

Some men aren't exactly in touch with their feelings. That's why they won't utter those three little words as much as we'd like them to. They show their emotions in a different way. Don't assume that your boyfriend isn't attached to you, just because he has a hard time expressing his emotions. Here are a few different ways that some men show affection:

1. Introduces You to His Friends

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He wouldn't introduce you to his friends and family members, unless he was serious about you. So if you've become a part of his friend group, it's a good sign. It's an even better sign if he does little things, like calls you by pet names and gives you pecks on the cheek, while he's with his friends. Some boys make fun of each other for those types of gestures, so if he's willing to engage in a tiny bit of PDA in front of them, it's a big deal.

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