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The Smart Girl's Guide to How Men Show Affection ...

By Holly

Some men aren't exactly in touch with their feelings. That's why they won't utter those three little words as much as we'd like them to. They show their emotions in a different way. Don't assume that your boyfriend isn't attached to you, just because he has a hard time expressing his emotions. Here are a few different ways that some men show affection:

1 Introduces You to His Friends

Introduces You to His Friends He wouldn't introduce you to his friends and family members, unless he was serious about you. So if you've become a part of his friend group, it's a good sign. It's an even better sign if he does little things, like calls you by pet names and gives you pecks on the cheek, while he's with his friends. Some boys make fun of each other for those types of gestures, so if he's willing to engage in a tiny bit of PDA in front of them, it's a big deal.

2 Holds Your Hand

Holds Your Hand If he holds your hand while you walk around the mall together, it proves that he's proud of you. He wants everyone to see that he's with the sexiest girl in the store. That's his own way of showing affection. If he loves to show you off, then it means that he cares about you and wants every other boy to keep their distance.

3 Gives Thoughtful Gift

Gives Thoughtful Gift He doesn't have to buy you anything big for your birthday. He could give you a random card and some candy, and be done with it. So if he writes you a love letter and buys you a thoughtful gift that he obviously put a lot of thought into, then it means he really cares about you. Most men wouldn't go through all of that trouble, unless they were crazy about you.

4 Does Favors for You

Does Favors for You If he only wanted you for sex, then he wouldn't answer your texts when you tried to talk to him about any other topic. So if he's ready and willing to do favors for you, like help you clean your room and ace a test, then he likes you a lot. He's showing affection by helping you out in the only ways he knows how.

5 Asks for Your Advice

photograph, black and white, person, woman, photography, Most men don't like to ask for advice. Why do you think there's that stereotype about never asking for directions? That means that your man must really like you if he asks you for advice. It proves that he values your opinion.

6 The Way He Looks at You

The Way He Looks at You You can figure out how he feels about you, just by looking at him. His eyes will give his emotions away. It's a hard thing to explain what a man looks like when he's staring at the woman he loves, but it'll be easy to see.

7 Puts You before Himself

human action, person, photograph, black and white, photography, Most of us are pretty selfish. It's human nature. That's why it's a huge deal if your man decides to put you before himself. It means that he's crazy about you. It's the biggest way for him to show affection.


black, photograph, black and white, man, photography, If a man is serious about you he's definitely going to want you to meet his family! He's going to hope they love you as much as he does. If you get to meet the fam, then you sweetheart must be something super special!


human action, black and white, black, person, image, Men who take the big leap into the L-word are taking their biggest step of letting you know their true affection for you. Most guys don't use these 3 words lightly so always be appreciative of when he says it because it's a huge way for him to show his affection.

10 PDA

human action, person, black and white, kiss, monochrome photography, Is he holding your hand in the car? Kissing you at the mall? His public displays of affection are just his was of sharing his feelings for you in what is probably one of the few ways he knows how. Take it and bask in the glory of the feedings!

Your boyfriend doesn't have to tell you he loves you constantly in order to show you that he cares. There are plenty of other ways to show affection. How does your boyfriend typically show affection?

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