17 Skills We All Want Our Boyfriends to Have ...


It's impossible to find a man who's capable of doing everything. However, that can't stop us from daydreaming about it. Here are a few skills we all want our boyfriends to have:

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Cooking It would be nice to come home to an elaborate meal after a hard day at work. If he's a good chef, then that fantasy can become a reality.



Dancing If he knows how to move, then he'll be able to lead you around the dance floor. There's nothing more romantic than that.


Playing Guitar

Of course, hearing him play any instrument would be a turn-on. We're all suckers for musicians.


Speaking Another Language

Speaking Another Language It's sexy to hear someone speak in French or Italian. It's much better than hearing them dirty talk in English.


Reading Our Minds

Reading Our Minds It's impossible for him to read your mind, but that won't stop you from wishing he could. Wouldn't dating be a whole lot easier if your boyfriend knew what was wrong without you having to tell him?



It doesn't matter if he's rich or broke. Either way, he should know how to budget his money so that he has enough cash to survive (and to treat you to ice cream).


Time Management

Time Management If he knows how to manage his schedule, he'll always have enough time for you. You'll never feel neglected.


Handling His Alcohol

Handling His Alcohol You don't want to date someone who gets nasty after having a few drinks. You need someone who can either handle their alcohol or doesn't drink it.


Telling Jokes

Telling Jokes A man who makes you laugh is a man you'll want to keep around. After all, the ability to make you smile is the most important skill for a boyfriend to have.


Dressing Well

Dressing Well Don't you want your man to dress his best? If he does, then everyone will be jealous of the fact that you're the only one who gets to have him.



Writing You don't want Hallmark to do all the talking. It's always nice to see your man write something personal in your birthday and anniversary cards.



Teaching If he has a skill or a hobby that you'd like to learn, it'll help if he's a good teacher. Then you'll be able to learn a bunch of new things in no time.


Lifting Weights

If he can lift weights, then it'll be easy for him to lift you and carry you around the bedroom. How sexy is that?


First Aid

First Aid If you ever get hurt, it'll be nice to have a boyfriend who knows how to handle cuts, fractures, and bruises.


Public Speaking

Public Speaking Public speaking is important. If he knows how to talk to people, then he'll be a hit at parties and have a high chance of getting a promotion.



Cleaning It's nice to date a man who can clean a dish without leaving dirt on it. If he can clean properly, then he'll actually be of help around the house.


Taking Photos

You know you're going to be taking plenty of selfies with your boyfriend. If he knows how to angle the camera to get the best picture possible, you'll love him forever.

It's impossible to find a date with all of these traits, but hopefully your man has a few of them. Does your boyfriend or crush have any of these traits?

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Aside from reading my mind, my husband does all of these things! Aren't I the lucky one?!!!

The guy I like is a musician who does concerts, so there's two. He's hilarious and always know how to make me smile. He dresses nice, and he's so much more that I could ever deserve. Probably why he doesn't like me back 😂

My boyfriend is an amazing dancer and we just like to dance around the house sometimes and it's the sweetest thing💞

The vacuum move is funy.. wat if he trips 😁

I only want my partner to have six of these, and my boyfriend has all of them except for one

Av been watching pretty little liars and number 12 pops up haha

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