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10 Flirting Tips to Make You Irresistible ...

By Sici

The dating pool can be deep and treacherous sometimes, especially if you don’t have the appropriate flirting skills! It can be difficult to walk that fine line between being too shy and being too confident because both can be off-putting when you are looking to impress a crush! Don’t worry, though, I am here to help! Here are ten flirting tips that will help to make you irresistible!

1 Eye Contact

It doesn’t matter so much what you are saying if you are committed to keeping eye contact with your crush! The eyes say more than the mouth ever could, so work on being confident enough to maintain that eye contact.

2 Smile

Try to avoid any hint of resting bitch face by forcing a smile as often as you can! Guys are very simple; they see a smile, and it makes them more attracted. Smiling makes you seem instantly more approachable.

3 Make the First Move

It’s 2019, we don’t have to abide by the old fashioned rules anymore! A guy will really dig it if you are bold enough to make the first move, because it will make him feel like he is truly wanted and not just pestering another girl who isn’t interested!

4 Body Language

Try to be as open and inviting with body language as possible. Avoid things like crossing your arms and your legs because this can come across as guarded and standoffish. The more open your body is to him, the more attracted he will become.

5 Dress up

It’s not rocket science. If you go out feeling and looking like a million dollars, then you are going to look and feel that way to other people as well! Guys are all about living that fantasy of getting the best looking girl at the party.

6 Talk

Don’t try to pull off that silent, alluring type that you see in movies. You will have much more real success if you aren’t afraid to talk to guys and actually get to know them. Don’t underestimate the power of good conversation!

7 Touch

Make the conscious effort to break the touch barrier; that is an easy way to get him interested. Casually do things like stroke his arm, wiping something off his shirt ... all those little touches that help to build intimacy.

8 Compliments

Pay him compliments! Guys are very basic creatures, if you stroke their ego, they will be much more interested in spending time with you!

9 Don’t Be Boring

If you are in a party or bar situation, the facts are that if you are boring, a guy can just move on to someone else in a second! Bring your best interesting A game to the party and dazzle him with your personality.

10 Too Strong

Try not to come on too strong. You might think that being overly sexual is the easiest way to get a guy interested, but sometimes it can have the opposite effect and can actually be seen as desperate and off putting.

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