8 Fun Kissing Games ...


8 Fun Kissing Games ...
8 Fun Kissing Games ...

There are lots of fun kissing games to play at parties, no matter what your age. It's not all about spin the bottle anymore, you can find all kinds of ways to cut loose and try to kiss the guy you've been crushing on for ages. When you're a teenager at a boy/girl party, kissing games are what make the whole night worth it! Some games, of course, are totally inappropriate for the younger set and, you know, should only be played by people in their twenties, at least. In the interest of fairness, however – because who doesn't love to kiss? – I've included a bit of both in this great list of fun kissing games!

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60 Seconds in Heaven

This is a really cute, fun kissing game, because it's not quite so serious. A guy and girl pair off and get sent into the closet for a minute – with a tube of red lipstick. One or the other of them gets some serious red lip, and for the next sixty seconds, proceeds to leave a big red lip print on the face, neck, arms, et cetera, of the other person. Once everyone has played, the couple with the most lip prints wins!


This game is terrific for lightening the mood and introducing an element of playful competition to an event. It especially works well at parties where people are looking to break the ice. Everyone gets a good giggle watching the results unfold, and the anticipation builds as each couple exits the closet, cheekily revealing where they've been "stamped." Plus, the one-minute limit makes it ideal for fleeting, flirtatious fun without any awkwardness – unless, of course, you count being covered in lipstick as awkward!


Animal Instincts

This one is both innocent and a little risque. After arranging the participants in a girl/guy/girl/guy formation, a stuffed animal gets passed around. Each person has to kiss the animal, and no area can be kissed twice. Once it has made its rounds, then the people playing have to kiss the person on their left in the same place they kissed the stuffed animal. To keep things from getting too dirty here, there's a kind of caveat: if you don't kiss in the same spot, you have to give the person beside you a hickey instead.


The game teeters on a playful edge, flirting with the boundaries of comfort without tumbling into the overtly sensual. It encourages creativity as you dodge previously smooched spots on the plushy to find a fresh place for your peck. Laughter inevitably bubbles up as cheeks, foreheads, and noses receive unexpected attention. Keep the giggles going, but bear in mind the golden rule: respect for each other's limits is paramount—always ensure everyone is comfortable with the level of contact. This game isn't just about the smooches; it's about the shared smiles and the cheeky camaraderie it fosters.


Animal Kisses

Not all fun kissing games are dirty; this one's actually sweet! As long as there are more than four people play, you're good to go. Everyone partners up, then each individual chooses an animal, writes their choice on a slip of paper, and keeps it hidden. Partners have to guess each other's animal. If they get it right, they kiss their partner! If they get it wrong, it's on to the next couple.


To keep the excitement going, each round can feature a different theme, such as jungle animals or ocean creatures to spice things up. The couple that correctly guesses each other’s animal in the fewest attempts wins the game and could be rewarded with a special treat or decide the theme for the next round. It's all about communication and a bit of luck. Animal Kisses is delightfully wholesome, yet it still sparks a sense of playfulness among participants, making it a perfect game for everyone from new couples to tight-knit groups of friends.


Suck and Blow

This game sounds far, far dirtier than it really is. If you've seen Clueless, you know what I'm talking about. Again, the girl/guy/girl/guy order works best, but isn't really necessary. All you need is a playing card. The person at the end of the line keeps the card pressed against his or her lips through suction along, then tries to blow it toward the next person, who has to suck to keep it. If it falls – oops! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!


Suck and Blow is a fun and unique kissing game that can be enjoyed by couples of all ages. It is an excellent way to spice up a night in and create a fun atmosphere. The game is fairly simple and requires a playing card and a group of at least four people. The group should be arranged in a girl/guy/girl/guy order, but this isn’t necessary. The person at the end of the line keeps the card pressed against their lips through suction, then tries to blow it to the next person, who has to suck to keep it. If the card falls, the two people must kiss. This game can be a great icebreaker and help couples feel more comfortable with each other. It is also a great way to bring friends together for a night of fun and laughter. Suck and Blow can be a great addition to any party or gathering, and can help create an atmosphere of fun and excitement.


Kiss Tag

This is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. When the group wants to be outside, go out in the dark. Everyone has to close their eyes or be blindfolded. The group wanders around in the dark, and whenever you bump into someone, you have to kiss them somewhere – even if it's only on the cheek or the hand.


Kiss or Dare

Yep, this fun kissing game is pretty much like Truth or Dare – without the truth. The way it goes is that everyone sits in a circle, in whatever order suits the group best. The first person picks someone else to take a dare; if that person does the dare, then they get to dare someone else. If a person doesn't complete their dare, they have to kiss the person who gave it to them.


Kissing Cards

With this game, you take all of the hearts out of a deck. Everyone partners up, with a member of whichever sex they prefer. One of them has to take a card. If it's the 2 of hearts, they have to kiss their partner twice, or else kiss for that long – ditto for the 3 of hearts, 6 of hearts, and so on.

There are many other fun kissing games out there if you go searching for them, but these seemed like the most interesting for me. While you should never let yourself get forced to kiss someone you really don't want to, sometimes these kinds of games really can act as ice breakers between you and the person you like. Besides, at the end of the day, they're all in good fun! What kinds of kissing games have you played?

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Some of these are so cute!

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I thought it was 7 minutes in Heaven, and they didn't have to use lipstick?

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