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8 Sex Tricks to Try in Bed ...

By Lyndsie

Sex Tricks can really spice up your romantic life, by introducing both excitement and intimacy into the bedroom. I know that trying new things in bed can sometimes take some real courage, but I've found some really amazing, sensual sex tricks that might make your experiences much, much more pleasurable. Even if you and your partner have a great sex life, everyone can use a little boost. Trying something new can really reinvigorate your passion for one another. Whether you need to find the spark or just want to make it shine brighter, check out these sizzling sex tricks to try in bed!

1 Make out and Make It Last

Some of the best sex tricks are actually quite simple. Next to sex, couples sometimes forget the magic of making out. Think back to when you were younger, before sex was really an issue, when you used to just make out with your boyfriend or girlfriend for as long as possible. Remember how exciting it is? Bring that to the bedroom, hold off on the sex for a while, and it will explode.

2 Focus on the Foreplay

Similarly, many couples don't focus enough on foreplay, which is much more intense than making out – and it can sometimes be even more thrilling than sex. Indulge in foreplay as long as you can when you're in bed. Tease and tempt one another before you get down to the deed, and again, the sex will be explosive.


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3 Watch a Spicy Movie

Couples are often wary about watching movies together; girls especially are often resistant. However, when bringing sex tips into the bedroom, you have to be willing to compromise. Even if you're not comfortable with hardcore porn, you can still watch an erotic film with your partner while the two of you are in bed. The passion therein can seep out into the bedroom, and the results will be amazing. You can even end up trying to emulate or upstage the couple onscreen.

4 Make Your Own Movie

Of course, you can make your own film as well. However, this should only be done with someone you completely trust, someone you're in a long term and serious relationship with. Don't take the risk of doing this with someone who could end up spreading it around. If you and your partner can trust one another, however, the thrill of performing with and for one another can make your sex amazing.

5 Play a Game Together

Playing an adult game together can be a steamy adult trick. Whether it's an actual game, a teasing game, or a flirting kind of game just between the two of you, the idea is to tempt each other. When you can take it slow and tease one another as long as possible, then coming together for actual sex will blow your mind.

6 Experiment with New Positions

When you've been with someone for a long time, it's easy to get a little vanilla. Also, some people are just conservative when it comes to sex. If nothing else, however, you can try new positions to bring some excitement into your love life. You don't have to go full out Kama Sutra or anything, just get creative.

7 Role Play

The best sex tricks involve giving life to your fantasies. If there are roles you and your partner have always wanted to try, don't be afraid. Whether it's something completely original or as standard as playing naughty nurse or cops and robbers, if it excites you, it will make your sex exciting as well.

8 Introduce a Toy

Here's a place where some guys get uncomfortable, but they shouldn't. Introducing toys into your love life doesn't mean you're being replaced, fellas. They just give both of you the opportunity to satisfy and excite each other more! Talk about it, you'll see.

You should never be afraid to try new sex tricks. If you're sure your partner will be comfortable, you don't even have to discuss these techniques; just surprise your partner with some new moves and temptations! As you can see, some of these sex tricks are quite subtle, while others are incredibly fiery and passionate. The ones you choose all depends on what kind of experience you desire. Why don't y'all share some of your most sensual, exciting sex tricks and tips with us, too?

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