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8 Tips to Be a Better Kisser ...

By Amber

Kissing is considered one of the most romantic and intimate things that a couple can do together. Your lips have tons of nerve endings- in fact; they have 100 times more nerve endings than you have in your fingertips! Although kissing is a special, wonderful experience to be shared between two people, it can also be something that causes a great deal of anxiety ahead of time. Here are 8 tips to be a better kisser.

1 Make Sure You Have Great Breath

Nothing can ruin a kiss quite like stinky breath can. Brush your teeth ahead of time, and gum and/or mints are always a good thing to keep with you while out of a date or when spending time with your love.

2 Close Your Eyes

Just before your press your lips to his, close your eyes. It can help you to relax and to deepen the intimacy of the moment.

3 Take Care of Your Lips

No one wants to kiss a set of lips that are dry and cracked or peeling. A heavy amount of lip gloss or lipstick should also be something you avoid. Prepare by using a natural lip gloss at night so your mouth is soft and supple, totally kissable without being caked with product!

4 Get Your Positioning Right

Stand close to your partner, and as your faces get closer together, tilt your head to one side. If you can see which way your partner's head is tilting, tilt your head slightly in the opposite direction.

5 Open Your Lips

Open your mouth (slightly!) and place your lips over your partner's lips. Do not hold your breath! Breathe through your nose. Opening your lips just a little makes it less like kissing your grandma and a lot more romantic!

6 Find a Place for Your Hands

There are many places you can put your hands during a kiss. Many people put them around their partner’s waist, back, face, or simply hold hands. Remember, soft lips and soft hands go together!

7 Just Relax

Try not to get too nervous or anxious before a kiss. If you tense up there is a good chance it will not go well. Relax and enjoy sharing this special moment with your significant other!

8 Focus on Multiple Senses

Not only are you physically touching with your lips or hands, but you’re always connected in other ways. Notice the way your guy smells, the sound of breathing, and other subtle cues. Be in tune with each other and your chemistry will be through the roof!

Use these 8 tips to be a better kisser if you are stressing about the big moment, but more than anything, enjoy it! Kissing is a way to demonstrate affection, so don’t get so stressed out about doing it “right” that you don’t enjoy sharing the moment. With practice, kissing only gets better and better between a couple so take your time and take pleasure in getting to know each others' preferences better. How did you prepare for that first kiss moment with your guy?

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