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The Secrets to Getting Men to Find You Irresistible ...

By Deeceebee

I know scores of you will scream “just be yourself,” but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be irresistible to men. And it doesn’t matter if you’re single or not, a woman irresistible to men can work it to her advantage in many areas of life. It isn’t just about looking or dressing the part, you need to cultivate the whole package. So how do you go beyond the good looks and the right clothes to cultivate irresistibility?

1 Retain an Air of Mystery

One of the best tips when considering how to be irresistible to men is to retain just enough mystery about yourself to keep him coming back for more. There is something irresistibly sexy about a woman who appears to have a secret, and the man in question will do everything he can to try and be accepted into your circle of mystery!

2 Keep Your Composure

Even if you think this could be the one, the man who makes you weak at the knees and somebody whom you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with, remember to stay composed and make him think that he still needs to do that little bit extra to bag you for himself! A little cheeky game of cat and mouse never hurt anybody, and if done properly, both of you will enjoy the chase!

3 Use Body Language

Our bodies and the way we use them are a killer weapon in terms of making ourselves irresistible to men. This does not necessarily mean throwing yourself at them and being overly sexually suggestive, but could be as simple as little actions like stroking their arm while you talk. Continuing these mini moments of body contact can drive a man wild!

4 Be Confident

There is nothing sexier and more irresistible to men than a woman who is completely confident. Having confidence both in yourself and in everything that you do is a really attractive quality, and makes people naturally gravitate toward you. Make sure not to be too confident to the point of arrogance, though; that can very quickly change a person’s perception!

5 Be Funny

Having a good sense of humor is another super attractive quality that can make you seem irresistible to your crush. Everybody loves to have a good time and a good laugh, so if you can produce a fun atmosphere for the man whom you are attracted to, it should be a home run!

6 Don’t Be Needy

Some women latch onto a man and begin to rely on him for too many things, expecting him to be there for every minute of the day that they want to see him. Being too needy is a turn off for both sexes, so make sure to give him his space and let him live his own life too. If you are not constantly texting or phoning him, he’ll quickly realize how much he misses you and will be begging to see you soon enough!

7 Don’t Be High Maintenance

Similar to the point about avoiding coming across as too needy, being demanding and high maintenance when you and your man are together is definitely not the way to keep him finding you irresistible. If going out together becomes an exercise in you demanding what you do and where you go, then your man will eventually want to spend less and less time with you, finding you the absolute opposite of irresistible!

I love these tips – not just because they’re about being irresistible to men but they are also about exuding confidence as a woman, knowing your worth and getting what you want. What other tips would you add?

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