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The Cutest Ways to Initiate a Kiss with Your Crush ...

By Holly

Kisses can feel incredibly intimate when you're with the right person. However, since you don't want your relationship to become boring, you need to come up with new ways to initiate those kisses. If you play your cards right, your partner will be putty in your hands. Here are a few of the cutest ways to initiate a kiss that'll have him thanking the stars that you're in his life:

1 Mid-Sentence Kisses

black and white, person, people, monochrome photography, hairstyle, One of the cutest ways to initiate a kiss is by catching your partner off guard. When he's in the middle of talking to you, and happens to say something cute, you can cut him off by kissing him mid-sentence. Of course, this move isn't first kiss material. You should only use the technique if you're in a relationship where your random kisses will be welcome. You should also avoid doing it while he's in the middle of discussing something important. You want the kiss to appear impromptu and cute, not rude.

2 Teasing Kisses

black, black and white, white, person, monochrome photography, Teasing your partner will get him eager to kiss you. Start off by giving him a gentle kiss on his forehead. Then you should make your way down by kissing his nose, then his cheeks, and even his chin. Kiss him everywhere but on the lips until he can't take your teasing anymore.

3 Movie Reference Kisses

color, hand, interaction, If you two are movie buffs, he'll find it adorable when you use references to seduce him. Tell him that you're going to make him an offer he can't refuse, or sit upside down on the couch and kiss him like MJ and Peter Parker do.

4 Cliche Kisses

human action, person, image, kiss, nose, You don't have to be in a movie to experience a perfect kiss. There are are plenty of moves you can steal from romantic comedies that'll feel as nice as they look. For instance, if your man comes home from work in a tie, pull on it to get him close enough to kiss. You could also toss everything off of your desk and invite him to kiss you on top of it. Sure, you'll have to clean up afterwords, but the make out session will be worth it.

5 Verbal Kisses

black, black and white, photograph, person, photography, If there's a lot of sexual tension in the air, you can simply ask him how long it's going to take until he kisses you. You could also reapply your Chapstick and tell him that you're trying to make your lips feel soft for when you kiss him later. It'll get him excited for what's to come.

6 Silent Kisses

human action, face, black and white, nose, person, Don't you love when you're in the middle of a fun conversation with your partner, but you both trail off to stare at one another's beauty? The next time there's a long pause in conversation where you're staring into each other's eyes, go right in for the kiss you both know you want.

7 Hugs Transitioning into Kisses

human action, black, photograph, black and white, person, Hugs can be as intimate and adorable as kisses are. That's why you should start out by hugging your man tightly, and then kiss him when he starts to pull away. It'll remind him that you consider him both a lover and a friend.

Each kiss you share with your soulmate is special, so don't take them for granted. What's the cutest way your partner has ever initiated a kiss?

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