15 Great Personality Traits That Make a Guy Perfect Boyfriend Material ...


In today’s world, it’s so hard to find a guy that totally “gets you,” isn’t over-confident, has no player-like tendencies, and has all the qualities that would make him perfect boyfriend material. While no one is ever perfect, there are some personality traits that would make him come just within reach, or at least perfect to you! In my opinion, these personality traits are something every guy should possess if they want to be perfect boyfriend material and become the one you want to be with for the long haul!

1. Honest


Dishonesty is such a big, big deal breaker. No one wants to deal with a guy who constantly lies about his feelings, whereabouts, friends or anything else important. And, yes, that includes little white lies too, because if he lies about liking your outfit, there’s no telling whether he feels he can lie about something else! I (and I assume you ladies too) value the truth, in all situations. It’s always the number one determining quality that I look for in someone I’m dating when deciding if he has all the right traits to be perfect boyfriend material!



Ohh Ryan gosling as the header picture. He is just per-wait for it-fect
@Jamie - you can still have ambition without having those jobs. It's the drive and focus that matters.
I couldn't have said it better ! Really good read ! 😄
Heather Jensen
Definitely! :)
Haha I am a guy with all the traits except number 6. Is it fine that I am in highschool? Because I can't go out looking for those kinds of jobs yet xD
michaela albay
Well its definitely correct its very hard to find a guy who have everything that girls looking for...😄
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