15 Qualities of an Amazing Woman to Attract the Man of Your Dreams ...

By Corina

15 Qualities of an Amazing Woman to Attract the Man of Your Dreams ...

I often think about the qualities of an amazing woman that can make her irresistible in the eyes of her dream man, or that could make her love herself even more. I know that every person is unique as well as every taste and preference is unique too, but still, there are certain qualities of an amazing woman that every men wants to find in his dream lady. Here is how I think the ideal woman would look like in the eyes of a man.

1 Confidence

I believe that one of the most important qualities of an amazing woman is definitely her confidence. Every woman should possess this quality! I know that you may not feel very bold all the time, but with a little help you can achieve that in no time. A woman that is very self-confident, that trusts her abilities and exudes confidence all the time, is totally irresistible in the eyes of men everywhere. So, what are you waiting for? Show off this incredible quality of yours... I know it’s hiding somewhere within you!

2 Honesty

This is another extremely important quality that every woman should possess in order to be true to herself and to attract the man of her dreams. Obviously, a lot of men want to be with a lady who is sincere and honest and who doesn’t like lying or cheating. Well, who wouldn’t? Even though most men want to create the impression that they’re really tough, they still can get hurt pretty easily and that’s why they want to trust the woman with whom they’ll be in a relationship. So, try to be sincere, and even though you may think that the truth will scare him, I think he’ll appreciate your honesty!

3 Independence

In my opinion, this is a must-have quality for every woman, whether she wants to attract the man of her dreams or not. Men need a lot of affection and care as well, but just like you, they may feel the need for space now and then too. So, that’s why I believe a man will be more attracted to a woman who’s independent, who has her own friends, hobbies, and especially her own life beyond the relationship that she’s in.

Women who are independent are also usually confident and secure in themselves. They know what they want and they are not afraid to go after it. They are independent thinkers and do not need external validation from a man to feel complete. They are strong and independent, which is attractive to men.

Women who are independent also tend to be more ambitious and driven. They have goals and aspirations for themselves and they are not afraid to put in the work to achieve them. They are not looking for a man to take care of them or to do the work for them.

Women who are independent are also usually more independent financially. They are not looking for a man to provide for them financially. They are able to stand on their own two feet and take care of themselves.

Women who are independent also tend to be more open-minded and accepting. They are not looking for a man to define them or control them. They are open to new experiences and are willing to try new things.

4 Understanding

I think that every man wants to be with a woman who is understanding and nice, who’s not nagging him all the time and who's not trying to control his life. Also, a man would really love a woman that accepts him the way he is, that loves him for who he is and who doesn’t try to change him. I wouldn’t like someone try to change me either; I would gladly try to improve my behavior to make somebody happy, but that would be my choice.

5 Approachable

I believe that most men prefer a woman who is approachable, who seems accessible like the girl next door, someone nice and gentle whom you can proudly introduce to your parents, and who’s not afraid of ruining her make-up if you touch her face. So, try not to seem too unavailable because this will only intimidate your dream man!

6 Sense of Humor

I guess since nobody likes someone too serious and uptight, it’s understandable why men like women with a great sense of humor. They want someone with whom they can laugh and have fun, because in every relationship there are a lot of other things that matter more than sexual attraction. Don’t worry that you might seem silly or childish; chances are that he is even more childish than you! Don’t be afraid to be yourself!

7 Affectionate

Most men are attracted to women who show they care about the people, animals or things around them. They want to be with someone who’s nice and caring and who can satisfy their need for affection because most of them are only big babies inside that tough exterior. So, don’t be afraid to show your feelings; just try not to smother him because, just like you, he still needs his freedom and that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

8 Creative

Men love a woman who can establish her own ideas, come up with new perspectives on issues and be inspired to create new things and ideas. It shows that you're more than just a pretty face, and men like to know that you don't get bored with the everyday life. Being creative also makes you happier, with or without a guy. Journal, cook, or whatever else it is you need to do to find a creative spark.

9 Encouraging

Men are powered by their ego, which is a known fact and a sex trait they have. You don't have to constantly compliment men all the time, but be encouraging! A man likes to know if he gets a promotion at work, makes a great meal, is having a hard time, or dealing with a life issue, that he has your encouragement and support. Tell him, leave him a note, or even send a card. He'll love you for it!

10 Make Him Things

Let me give you a little secret. Men love when you make them things. Dinner, small gifts, creative cards, etc. Even if your meal comes out less than stellar, men love to know that you cared enough to put some thought into making something for them. If they don't appreciate it, then they aren't for you to begin with, dear!

11 Smell Nice

While looks aren't everything, every man likes for a woman to smell nice. Use a great shampoo, wear a great perfume, or just use a fabulous lotion. Whatever scent you choose will be the one he associates with you, so make sure it's a great one! Every time he smells it, he'll think of you and go crazy with comfort and love.

12 HOspitable

Let's say you're having guests over, or a few of his friends stop by your place or his while you're both there. Be hospitable to them by offering something to drink, offering to pull out a snack, or even better, offering to have a group of friends over for dinner. Invite his parents over, or bring them something small and thoughtful when you visit them. Men love hospitality in women. It shows you have class, emotion and a heart!

13 Be Adaptable

I have to tell you, sometimes change is hard for me, especially last minute scheduling. Since I'm so organized, I like to plan my day out and enjoy it when it goes that way. Yet, men tend to favor a woman who can go with the flow and not freak out if things don't go as planned. I'm learning to adapt more to changes to give myself some peace, but also for my future husband's sake! Be adaptable and go with the flow. Life is short, hun!

14 Be Personable

Like hospitality, being personable is a great characteristic that men will like. Remember people's names, remember his favorite color, sports team, mom's name, and where he grew up. Be personable and intimate with all aspects of his life and be this way to other people. Men love to see you do something for someone that shows you're personable. It shows you have emotion and depth. For example, if you remember his mom's favorite flower or his sister's favorite jewelry line, surprise one of them with one of these gifts for a special occasion. Or, if you remember that his brother played on a specific team in college, bring up the topic at dinner. It will show you care enough about him and others to remember personal things they enjoy or are involved in.

15 Good Manners

This one just has to be noted, girls! Be sure you're a lady at dinner and have good manners. Chew with your mouth closed, use a napkin, and don't smack your gum. Saying "Yes ma'am" and "No sir" to necessary individuals is also a great manner to have. Men like manners, even if they don't use their manners themselves!

These are, in my opinion, the most important qualities every woman should possess to attract the man of her dreams. I know my list is kind of incomplete so that’s why I need your help. What are some other qualities a woman needs to win the heart of her dream man? Do tell!

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To find out who is asshole or who is the prince, to find and keep the man of you dreams or marry him, I recommend following : attractmen*us I practiced, and found out that advices really work. I attracted so many guys that now I even do not answer phones of some.

I think the most attractive quality in a woman is her ability to just be herself, happy in her own skin. Too many women change themselves to attain the qualities listed and they aren't being true to themselves

Yes yes yes�

I think a woman should copy her man a little like mirroring him in a cute way that makes him believe that shes his baby and will make him laugh too :)

Guys !! I'm new here I was wondering how can I share new posts?!

Personal changes...from a man's view... 1-Confidence is MUCH different than cockiness and snootiness. Nothing's worse than a woman who thinks she's better than everyone else. Drop yourself down a level and men will respect you more, because yes, you may be beautiful, but don't act like you are God's gift to men. It's EXTREMELY unattractive. 2-Honesty..Bitter truth is ALWAYS better than prolonged lies. Save us both future pain and just be honest up front. 3-Indepenence..I still have a subconscious requisite..a lot of men have a dream to be able to support their family. It makes us feel more needed...however, women can sometimes seem like a mooch. 4-Understanding..hint...don't try to change a man to what you want, because it won't happen. Instead, seek a man who is ALREADY what you want. They ARE out there. Stop turning them down for a man you physically want but is nothing like what you want on any other level...you won't change that man. Just keep searching for the right one instead of thinking they will just magically turn into your dream man. 5-Approachable...ok, even the most badass of men can get intimidated by a woman who thinks she's hot shit. Don't act as if everyone around you should bow down to you...trust me. You are immediately seen as a loser. No man wants a woman who acts like that. You aren't the only woman out there. And, you definitely aren't the hottest...not saying act like a ho and any man can have you with ease lol..but, don't be a bitch about it. 6-Sense Of Humor...uh..you don't have to get all of my jokes. Just understand it's not about that. It only means I'm trying to make you smile and I really like you. Take that for what it is. I think something of you or I wouldn't even attempt to talk to you. 7-Affectionate...oh yeah...I like to be touched. :) No joke. Public effection isn't a bad thing...and more than that..I'm the tough guy..you are my gentle flower...I like women...don't be a butch man (not to offend those who are...for specific reasons lol). I just like soft, gentle skin...a woman with a gentle touch. 8-Creative...I'm an artist. I'm a writer. I'm a very creative person. I LOVE a woman who is the same. It's a major turn-on...and, you don't have to be an artist but, you can still be creative in other ways. 9-Encouraging...yes. All of that. Cheer me on and I will do the same for you. 10-Make Them Things..nothing to add here. It's spot on. 11-Smell Nice..again...nothing to add...should be a no-brainer. 12-Hospitable...I just wanna know that you don't hate my friends and/or family haha. 13-Be Adaptable..I think this one could go both ways...like a few of the others...it's a standard to making a relationship work. You can't have everything your way. Be able to bend a bit for them. 14-Be Personable..Again...goes both ways. Show you actually care. 15-Good Manners...haha...this seemed to have disappeared recently. It should be for both men AND women. Show some manners. Well, in a bar..it's normal to act up, but at my mother's house, keep the potty mouth tame.

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