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Guys Say That They Love Girls Who Can Listen -- Here's How ...

By Valencia

Some women complain that their husbands and boyfriends don't listen. So it might come as a shock to learn that some guys feel the same way about the ladies in their lives.

Ladies, don't worry if you’re guilty of this. Even if you haven't been the best listener in the past, there are simple ways to improve your listening skills and show the man in your life you care.

1 Keep Your Eyes on Him

You don't have to stare at your guy while he speaks, but you’ll want to maintain good eye contact. This shows you're interested in what he has to say. If you're constantly scanning the room and looking for things to do, he might feel you're not interested in the conversation and shut down.

2 Acknowledge You're Listening

But it isn't enough to maintain good eye contact, you also need to acknowledge you're listening to the conversation. Nodding your head, smiling or occasionally saying words like “yes” or “right” proves you're engaged in the conversation.


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3 Don’t Interrupt

As hard as this might be, fight the urge to interrupt your guy as he speaks. If he's talking about his day at work, or if he's trying to explain his viewpoint on a matter, let him speak and get his point across before saying something or explaining yourself. Remember, communication goes both ways. So don't monopolize the conversation or think your point of view is the only one that matters.

4 Avoid Distractions

You might be a good multitasker — or someone who's able to do multiple things simultaneously. But when your boyfriend is talking and wants your undivided attention, this isn't the time to be distracted by work or text messages. Understandably, you’re extremely busy with work or school. But I’m sure you can squeeze in five or 10 minutes and have a conversation with your significant other. Besides, if the situation were reversed, you would want him to extend the same courtesy.

5 Ask Questions for Clarification

If you don't understand something your guy says, don't just agree to end the conversation. Get clarification and make sure you fully understand his point of view. Getting clarification helps avoid misunderstandings and arguments later.

6 Don’t Make the Conversation about You

Some females have a habit of making a conversation about them. If your boyfriend or husband is talking about his day, don't jump in and start talking about your day and take over the conversation. It might appear as if you weren't really listening to him, and he might feel you don't care about his day or feelings. Even if you have exciting news to share, let him finish his thought.

7 Don’t Hurry the Conversation

Your boyfriend or husband might talk to you about sports, bands or other subjects that don't interest you. As a result, you might hurry a conversation in order to move to a different topic, namely one you're interested in. However, the same way your guy listens to conversations about your friends or your interests, you should be willing to engage in conversations that spark his interest.

Listening is important, yet it's a skill some people haven’t mastered. Even if this isn't your strongest quality, the above tips can help you improve and show your guy you care. What are other ways to improve your listening skills?

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