7 Healthy Changes to Make in Your Relationship when It Feels off ...

By Holly

If your dates have been more awkward than fun lately, there are changes to make in your relationship that could save it. You're supposed to enjoy every moment spent with the love of your life, so if things feel 'off,' you should take action. Relationships are meant to make you happy, but happiness can be difficult to achieve. Sometimes, you have to work for it. Here are a few potential changes to make in your relationship if it doesn't feel like it used to:

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Stay Social

Do you call each other every single night to talk for hours or do you shoot off a quick text message before bed? If you're not communicating as much as you should be, find the time to talk more. You don't have to discuss any big issues. Just call each other to rant about what happened during your day. One of the easiest changes to make in your relationship is to pick up the phone more, or to drive over to their house more.


Don't Redo Dates

Do your dates always consist of the same activities in the same order? If you always go out for dinner, then get ice cream, then watch a movie, switch it up. Go ice skating or visit a museum. Do something new. Routine can kill a relationship.


Alter Intimacy

If you haven't been kissing him hello or goodbye, change that. If you've been focusing too much on your physical relationship, then try to take a break from the kissing for a while. You don't want to care more about his body than his mind.


Always Be Open

Have you been hiding things from him? Even small things, like telling him about your trip to the store, can impact your relationship. Don't hesitate to tell him about the new dress you bought, or the concert you want to buy tickets for. Let him know what you're thinking, so your thoughts aren't a mystery.


Distribute Different Deeds

Is he always the one driving you around, paying for the meals, and doing the dishes? Try taking charge for a change, and do all of the activities that he normally does. He'll definitely appreciate it, and should return the favor by doing some of the things that you typically do for him.

Famous Quotes

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

George Santayana

Give It Time

You don't need to "take a break" where you're allowed to hook up with other people, but it might help to spend a few days without communicating with one another. It might make you see how much you need them in your life, and want them around you constantly. Otherwise, it'll show you that life isn't that bad without them, and you don't need them to be happy.


End It

If the relationship feels 'off,' you might have to end it. If you really love the person, you should try to make things work, but you can't try forever. If he makes you more upset than happy, it's time to think about breaking up with him. You'll both be better off in the end, even if you're depressed for a few months right off.

Changing a certain aspect of your relationship may save it. If you really love your partner, then it's at least worth a shot. How are things going between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend?

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