7 Tips for Keeping Your Relationship Strong when You're Both Crazy Busy ...


Do you need some tips for keeping your relationship strong because of your crazy schedules? It’s hard to stay connected when you’re both busy but it can be done with a little thought and creative planning. These are some tips for keeping your relationship strong in a crazy busy season. They can help you get through until your schedules calm down again.

1. Compare Schedules

One of the first things that you want to do when you’re both crazy busy is compare your schedules. Look for any gaps where you both have an opening at the same time. When you find those gaps, reserve them for time together. Even if it’s just a quick breakfast, it’s a way to stay connected. Taking advantage of available time slots you find is one of the tips for keeping your relationship strong

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My boyfriend and I don't see each other much because we're both busy with different sports and we go to different schools. This article encourages me and gives me hope that we're gonna be ok :) thank you
Fernanda Argomaniz
It is an amazing article , Because it helps me to take notes !! I'll apply in a future :) thank you so much !!
His excuse is crazy busy but actually not, we are nearly quit for this reason
This how it is with my bf right now and we just text throughout the day and send each other words of encouragement to keep us going :)
Amazing article! Thank you very much.
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