Here's How to Make Your Man Feel More Confident and Attractive ...


In a healthy relationship, your mission is to make your partner as happy as possible. When they cry, you should console them. When they have a fight with their friend, you should calm them down. Of course, you should also build up their confidence when you notice them saying negative things about themselves. Here are a few different ways to make your man feel more confident and attractive when he's down in the dumps:

1. Compliment Him Whenever You Can

The simplest way to raise your man's confidence is by complimenting him. Tell him how great he looks in his new bathing suit, how sexy his muscles look while he works out, or how cute he sounds when he laughs. As long as it's clear that you're being honest and aren't just telling him what he needs to hear, it should make him feel amazing about himself.

Don't Comment on Other Men's Looks


LaDonna A Love
Exactly what I do with my man, love this article!
Ana Sanchez
Looking into his eyes a certain way does work he told me he loves it when i look at him with lovey dovey eyes 😍😍😍😍
This is sweet!
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