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How to Express Your Love without Words for Women Who Prefer Action ...

By Lauren

There’s no doubt that hearing those three little words is special and it should make your heart leap every time. But you shouldn’t feel restricted simply to saying I love you to express your feelings. Have some fun in finding alternate ways to say I love you.

1 Couples Photo Session

A great way of how to say I love you without having to constantly speak the words is to treat yourselves to a fun couples photo shoot session. You will be able to spend the morning or afternoon together and after the initial bonding time, you will have physical, permanent reminders of your love in photo form that you can place throughout the house to showcase your relationship.

2 Write a Poem or a Sweet Message

If you find face to face declarations of love a little embarrassing or awkward, then tell your partner exactly how you feel in the form of an original poem or sweet love message. I’m not talking Shakespearean sonnet levels here, but put your soul in to it and let them know just how much you mean to them; it will make both of you feel great.


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3 Rooftop Date

There is something special about rooftop restaurants, especially in the evening. Organize a date at one of these types of establishments and your partner will get the message that you have really put some loving thought and effort in to arranging to most romantic date possible. Hopefully you will have some stunning views to coincide with a wonderful night out.

4 Couples Tattoo

Though it is a universally bad idea to get the name of your partner tattooed on your body, if you really, REALLY love each other then why not think about getting joint tattoos that have a more subtle meaning. Whether it’s a matching symbol of something that you both love, or even the recording of a date that means a lot to the both of you, it will be a way to say I love you without being so explicit to have each other’s names on your body forever!

5 Leave Messages around the House

Whether it’s a note stuck to the fridge or a message written on the steam of the bathroom mirror, leaving little declarations of romance around the house is a cute and low key way to keep reminding your partner that, even if you don’t constantly say it out loud, you do still love them very much and that they make you happier than ever.

6 Have a Picnic

Sometimes it is a bit too easy to just go out for a nice lunch somewhere. Sure, you are having a nice time but there isn’t anything too personal being conveyed. However, making your own food and going for a nice picnic in the park is much more intimate and gives you a chance to put the love that you feel for your partner in to all of the delicious snacks that you create for them.

7 Breakfast in Bed

In a similar vein, nothing says I love you like a good old-fashioned breakfast in bed! The act of waking up earlier to sneak downstairs and cook so that your partner can have the luxury of eating from the comfort of his duvet is the ultimate underrated romantic gesture. Sure, you can say the words as many times as you like, but nothing shows true love quite like breakfast in bed!

What’s your favorite way of showing love rather than saying it?

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