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17 Things You Should Feel when You Look into Your Lover's Eyes ...

By Holly

How can you tell if your boyfriend is the right man for you? It has everything to do with your emotions. Here are a few things you should feel when you look into your lover's eyes:

1 Comfort

Comfort Your man should be the one person who can comfort you after a difficult day. When you cry, he'll be able to dry your tears. When you're stressed, he'll be able to calm your worries.

2 Freedom

Freedom Relationships shouldn't actually make you feel confined. They should make you feel like anything is possible. Like you can take on the world. Like you're finally free.

3 Accepted

Accepted Everyone wants to feel like they belong, and once you find the right guy, you'll feel like you've found a place where you fit in.

4 Lucky

Lucky It's normal to wonder how you got so lucky. Just don't let the question keep you up at night.

5 Thankful

Thankful Be thankful for every single day you get to spend with the love of your life. Some people aren't as fortunate as you are.

6 Frisky

Frisky You can't talk about love without mentioning sex. If you really like him, you're going to have the urge to jump on top of him, so you can feel his body against yours.

7 Optimistic

Optimistic If you're usually pessimistic about love, the right guy will make you change your mind. You'll have hope that you two will last forever, because you know all about the power of love.

8 Peaceful

Peaceful When you're relaxing in bed with your partner, you shouldn't feel anxious. You should finally feel at peace, because you're where you're meant to be.

9 Alive

Alive When you're with the right person, you should finally feel alive. Every moment you spend breathing will be an amazing one, because you've finally realized what a wonderful place the world is.

10 Confident

Confident If he loves you as much as you love him, he'll shower you with compliments. That flattery will make you feel more confident than you've ever been before. You'll finally feel as beautiful as you look.

11 Secure

Secure He doesn't have to be rich or strong to make you feel secure. All he has to do is wrap you in his arms and you'll feel like you're as safe as can be.

12 Excited

Excited You should be excited to move in together, excited for marriage, and excited for kids. Even the little things, like spending the weekend together, should excite you.

13 Understood

Understood The right one for you will understand you. You won't ever feel like he's judging you, because you know that he's on your side.

14 Passion

Passion He should make you want a kiss, just by looking at his lips. After all, how could you resist touching someone so sexy?

15 Inspiration

Inspiration The right man will inspire your writing and your painting. If you've never been creative before, you will be now.

16 Motivation

Motivation The right guy will motivate you to become a better person. He'll want you to be the best person that you can be, because you know he deserves the best.

17 Warm

Warm You shouldn't have to touch your boyfriend to feel his warmth. You should feel it whenever he looks at you.

When you meet the right person for you, you'll be overwhelmed with positive emotions. Do you feel any or all of these things when you're around your boyfriend?

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