Shock Here Are the Lies That Disney Told Us about Romance ...

By Neecey

Shock Here Are the Lies That Disney Told Us about Romance ...

Disney movies transport us to fairytale worlds where good always overcomes evil, where everyone finds love and bad people always get their just desserts. We all love to escape into the fantasy of a Disney movie but did you know they have been lying to us all long. Love and romance isn’t as Disney tells us.

1 Love at First Sight is Common

How often do we see Disney characters fall in love at first sight? All the time. How often have you or someone you fallen in love at first sight? Oh yeah, that’s right, NEVER!

2 Eating Pasta is Cute

No, Lady and The Tramp, you are totally wrong. If eating saucy spaghetti is romantic, then why do I always end up needing to wear a bib to avoid mess!

3 You Shoe Size Doesn’t Decide Your Fate

As much as we’d all love to have out dainty feet lead us to our Prince like Cinderella, the likelihood is that all our feet get us is a big bill for some gorgeous but purse bursting heels!

4 You Can Be a Beautiful Hostage

Take Rapunzel: she was locked away for years but was still gorgeous and had no trouble finding a man straight out of the gate. If I’d been held hostage for my entire life, I certainly wouldn’t be looking that good!

5 Lying = a Good Relationship

In the real world, a relationship based on so many lies like Ariel and Prince Eric’s would never work, but in the Disney universe, all of the deceit gets forgiven in favor of happy ever after!

6 Your BF is Fine with Male Roommates

So Snow White was allowed to live with seven older guys, but even the slightest mention of a more mature male roommate and your boyfriend’s jealous alarm starts to go off strong!

7 Every Single Kiss is Magical

Kissing in Disney movies is always a magical, life changing moment, but in real life, the chances are you’ll have way more bad kisses than good ones!

8 A Kiss from a Stranger is a-OK

No, Snow White, no! Having a dude you have never met kiss you, while you are asleep, no less, is NOT the idea of romance that you should be spreading!

9 Win Your Lover over with a Song

Sure, Aladdin won over Jasmine with A Whole New World, but in reality, a drunken Celine Dion song at the karaoke bar is the not the dream way to ask someone out!

10 Women Fall in Love with Animals

The last time I checked, I was never sexually attracted to a frog or a non-descript beast. In fact, being the same species is pretty much the first thing I need to establish before I suggest romance!

11 All Prominent Men Are Hot

From Aladdin to Prince Eric to Prince Charming, Disney gave all of us little girls unrealistic expectations of just how gorgeous any man who was interested in us was going to be!

12 Stalking is Romantic

Congrats on saving Eric’s life, Ariel, but really? Your stalking behavior to get in to his life would not be so acceptable in our society!

13 Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Have to Wear Pants

How dare you, Donald Duck! You walk around with a lovely little shirt but you don’t wear any pants? What a bad example you’re setting for us!

14 Your Childhood Crush Will Be a Hot Adult

Nala and Simba give us all unrealistic hopes that our childhood crushes will one, be super hot when they grow up, and two, be conveniently single at the right time!

15 Wishing on Stars Works

Jiminy Cricket encouraged us to do it, but I have to report that my wishes upon stars have never, ever come true.

16 You’ll Find Love at Your Lowest

This is a common theme in Disney movies, but in real life, romance is the last thing we tend to find when the rest of our lives are a mess.

17 All Endings Are Happy

I wish this were true, but unfortunately, many romantic endings are not happy. Have you noticed how there are no pesky ex’s in Disney films!
What other ways do you think Disney has pulled the wool over our eyes about love?

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