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How to Find True Love in the Tinder Age ...

By Sici

Living in 2019, it’s fair to say that there are a lot of areas of life that are vastly improved compared to twenty or so years ago, but something that is even more complicated and full of potential landmines in this modern age is definitely romance! With so many different avenues to go about finding a partner these days, it can feel overwhelming and hopeless before you even begin! Online dating apps might be more well known for hook-ups than relationships, but don’t lose all hope! Here is how to find true love in the Tinder age.

1 Accept Flaws

We all try to perpetuate perfect profiles on dating apps, to the point where we have kind of forgotten that humans are inherently flawed and all have their own weird quirks! The sooner you remember that your date is not going to be a carbon copy of the person you were expecting from their profile, the easier it might be to start forming a connection with them. Accept slight flaws; that’s not the same as ignoring red flags!

2 Stick around

The swipe left and swipe right nature of Tinder and other apps has shortened our attention spans and patience levels really badly. When you are out on an actual date, you can’t just make the guy disappear with a flick of the finger, so work on being more committed to sticking around and finding a way to make it work, even if your first impression upon meeting him isn’t 100% positive!

3 Shared Values

We have become too obsessed with the aesthetic side of dating, and we need to put more focus back on personalities. Tinder has taught us that the profile picture is the most important thing, when really shared values are the foundation from which to build a strong relationship. Try to make sure that you have a good chat with your potential date about these kinds of things before agreeing to meet up!

4 Don’t Buy the Casual Trend

Dating apps have turned modern romance into a sort of candy store kind of experience, where there are so many different tasty treats to try that people forget true love should be a one on one connection. Don’t get carried away with the casual nature of going from one person to another, if you want to work on real love, then dig a little deeper with the same person rather than swiping on to the next!

5 Stop Comparing Yourself

One of the worst things to come out of social media is the fact that you now have a million different opportunities to compare yourself to others, more often than not in a negative way. Work on trying to eliminate this from your own online activities. Don’t think about all the other women that your date might have swiped through and chatted to before he got to you. Just focus on the here and the now and enjoy the company.

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