7 Wishes for Finding Your Dream Relationship ...


7 Wishes for Finding Your Dream Relationship ...
7 Wishes for Finding Your Dream Relationship ...

Remember reading fairy tales like Cinderella as a kid? I bet you know firsthand how much you wanted to grab that magic wand, wave it, and make your dreams come true.

If you’ve got a moment, just come along in an imaginary carriage and make some wishes. Who knows, your wishes may, like the fairy tales promise, just come true.

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Wish 1. Be At Home, At Last

When you’re first meeting, you know that you’ve come home. You feel comfortable, at ease, and all in. You know that you’re with the right partner because you feel completely at one with who you are—and who they are.

Sure, this might be reaching for the stars and the moon. But you do have your magic wand, right?

Wish 2. Express Yourself

You don’t need to censor your ideas, thoughts, dreams, or desires. You can say what you want without having that extra veil of protection to stay safe.

If you’ve been in a less-than-magical relationship, you know what a drag it is to have to censor yourself in your intimate relating. You can be funny, offbeat, or even have a streak of gallows humor.

Much of expressing yourself comes through in visual communication. You might be a big fan of gifs to share your emotions. Or perhaps you love videos, comics, or cartoons. When you’re wishing for true love, having the freedom to express yourself openly is right up there in the big wishes.

Wish 3. Be Accepted

Don’t worry about being called names, judged, or misinterpreted. If you are feeling at home and expressing yourself authentically, you are already getting positive vibes that you’re in the right place with the right person.

Being accepted shows up in small and big ways. How do you feel when you show a new painting? Does your stomach feel churned up or relaxed when you share a bit of creative writing? Do you feel accepted if you botch up a meal and decide to order take-out?

If you’re accepting and being accepted, that magic wand just might have done its trick.

Wish 4. Drive What You Want

Hey, just because you started in a carriage that used to be a pumpkin, doesn’t mean that’s your ultimate dream car. Most women love to love their vehicles. It’s what gets you from here to there and back.

In the heat of passionate self-expression, we love to accessorize.

Whether fantasy or reality, it’s fun to accessorize. If you’re into boats, you might want to enhance your dash with marine gauges If you’re dreaming of a mountain cabin, spruce up the interior with a pine fragrance.

Making sure your car interior expresses the true you. If your partner gets your accessorizing expression, then you know that magic is alive.

Wish 5. Come As You Are

Don’t worry about makeup, dress-up, or putting on some special jewels. Just come as you are. If you’re jeans and t-shirt gal for feeling comfy, your partner won’t be able to get enough. If you’re at ease in sweats during lockdown…well, we all get it.

Wish 6. Understands Your Art

Expressing yourself is a key part of living and loving. When you’re expressing your true self, it shows in your artwork. You won’t be satisfied with repeating old things that worked a year, month, or week ago. You’ll need to explore the edges, push the limits, and stretch things to the max.

When your partner ‘gets’ this, you know that their feedback is genuine. The last thing you want to hear is polite fluff about your creativity. Being open and honest with each other often starts a new dimension of openness.

What does your partner say that conveys they understand your artwork? Is that magic wand doing its thing?

Wish 7. Get You

When you’re with the right person, you aren’t second-guessing what they think. This may happen immediately, or it may grow gradually over time. Ultimately your feelings of being understood, embraced, and loved are what makes you know it’s real.

Don’t fret if your magic wand needs some fine-tuning. Start by practice being your own best friend. As it turns out, even creating magic gets easier with practice.

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