Genius Tips on How to Flirt According to Their Zodiac Sign ...


Genius Tips on How to Flirt According to Their Zodiac Sign ...
Genius Tips on How to Flirt According to Their Zodiac Sign ...

Want to know how to flirt according to their zodiac sign Trying to navigate the big wide world of dating can sometimes be as tricky as Captain Jack Sparrow navigating the Black Pearl! The problem is that when it comes to flirting, what might work for one crush might be the worst possible thing for another, so you never quite know how your technique is going to be received! What if, though, you could take a little mystery out of the game by gleaning some info from the stars above? That’s right, astrology can actually help you to choose the appropriate flirting method! Here is how to flirt according to their zodiac sign.

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An Aries certainly isn’t afraid to take charge of a situation, so you might find that letting them lead the way in your flirting will be the best plan of action to take!



Taurus are usually very appreciative of the arts, so any conversation about what music, movies, TV, or artists you love is always going to get the ball rolling in a positive way. The more passionately you can talk, the more passionately they will feel!



Geminis are the weird combination of loving to chat but being initially shy, so if it feels like you are getting the cold shoulder to start with, stay with it for a few more minutes to see if they open up.



Cancers are deep and emotional, so to them its all about striking a meaningful connection right off the bat. Ask them things about their family and about their biggest dreams, those are the kinds of conversations they like to have.



Leos love to be in the spotlight whenever possible, so a spot of public flirting is never harmful here! Lots of tagging in photos and in fun memes between the two of you is a good way to get things started.



More than anything, Virgos hate confrontation and awkwardness, so the best plan of action for flirting with one is to keep the topics of conversation nice and breezy, way more fun than serious.



Libras love anything that has a personal touch, so if you do something like bake them a batch of cookies, or go classic with a mixtape or personal playlist, then they will be very receptive of your flirting approach!



Scorpios are famous for their sense of humour, so if you can make them laugh, you are most definitely on to a winner!



Sagittarius people don’t like a big fuss, so any big outpouring of affection, especially in public, isn’t going to work. You need to take a more subtle approach - lots of private messaging and hushed conversation away from prying eyes.



Capricorns do not take well to silly games, so things like playing hard to get aren’t going to get you anywhere! Be confident, be composed and most importantly be direct about what you are feeling.



An Aquarius will flourish when around other people, so your best plan of action will be to start your flirting when in a large group. That’s when they will feel most comfortable!



Pisces people like to be remembered and in someone’s thoughts all the time, and you can display this in a flirty manner by messaging with ‘this reminded me of you’ type communications. They will eat it up!

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