How to Juggle a Boyfriend and College for Girls Not Sure of How to Split Time ...


How to Juggle a Boyfriend and College for Girls Not Sure of How to Split Time ...
How to Juggle a Boyfriend and College for Girls Not Sure of How to Split Time ...

Any young woman who's in (or has been in) college at the same time as having a boyfriend can understand that it can be a juggle to make time for everything! Here a few helpful ideas as to how you can get your head around the juggle and make it all work for you! 📖 💑 🕑 🎓

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Talk It through with Your Boyfriend

One of the most important things to do when you're struggling to split your time between college and a boyfriend is to sit down and have an honest conversation with your boyfriend! Really let them know the situation and also how you're feeling about it all.

Most of the time, your boyfriend will be more than happy to listen and help you in any way that he can. Also, this way he knows what to expect in terms going into the future in terms of how much time you can spend together due to a crazy busy schedule that college always brings!


Set Realistic Goals

It's nice to think that we will get to spend a whole weekend with our boyfriend, especially if we haven't seen them all week because we've been super busy with classes and everything going on at college, but it might be time to rethink your goals and make sure that they are realistic and achievable.

For example, depending on your workload and other things, you might not be able to spend a whole weekend with your boyfriend catching up on things. Instead, it might be better to be realistic about it and use this to make plans going into the future.

So instead of planning a whole weekend together, you might organise a romantic dinner on Saturday night or a cruisey brunch on Sunday morning - this way you can still spend time with your boyfriend while still having time for other things which might crop up or which you know you will have to attend to over the weekend as well!


Take Time for Yourself

Somewhere in between always trying to find time to spend with your boyfriend, seeing your own friends and family as well as trying to balance everything at college, it can be easy to forget how important it is to simply take time for yourself.

Even though it might feel like you're being run off your feet every day because it's just super busy and hard to stay on top of everything, do try to take time for yourself - even if that's only 30 minutes to an hour each day.

Schedule 'me' time for when you generally have more free time such as in the evenings or just before you go to bed. Do something that you love and remember to enjoy this time!


Trust Your Decision-making

All the decisions you're having to make (around the clock, too) might make you feel like doubting yourself along the way or to question yourself as to whether you're making the right decision.

We're not ever really going to know if something is the right or wrong decision until after we make it (unless you have a crystal ball that sees into the future 🔮✨) so there's no point stressing about it before you've even made it!

The best thing you can do is wait and see how things pan out as well as learning to trust your decision making. Every time you make a decision, justify it so that you know it has logic behind it and is being made for a good reason.


Make Time for Your Boyfriend

It's fine to cancel plans with your boyfriend if something comes up that you need to do, but remember that in order to spend time with your boyfriend you have to be willing to make time for them.

Spending quality time together is an important part of an relationship, so just because you're in college and are busier than usual doesn't mean your relationship should fall by the wayside or come to an end by any means!

Value spending time together and no matter how busy you are, make sure you're actually making time to see your boyfriend so that your relationship can continue to progress.


Know Your Priorities

With a crazy busy schedule it can be tricky to know what you should prioritise: spending time with your boyfriend or everything college-related? This is a common point of confusion as you try to work out which should be your top priority.

Each person will obviously have different priorities and an opinion of what should come first, so know that this will only ever be up to you to decide as no one knows your life better than you! Now might be a great time to consider yours and have a think about what should be the top priority for you personally.


Enjoy Every Aspect of It

Even though it can be hard to juggle college and a boyfriend all at once, don't forget that college is a great experience that you will always remember! Similarly, your boyfriend is also amazing and deserves to be a part of your life throughout it all!

Enjoy every minute of your experience, no matter how stressed or busy or confused you may feel along the way, and keep a beautiful smile on your face as you continue your journey of self-discovery and personal growth!

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I'm juggling work, school and boyfriend. I have a job 5 times a week and always OT for two hours after that. But sometimes my boyfriend find time for both of us even if it's too late to hang out. And I'd still go to work for tomorrow. And I'm attending masteral class every Saturday so Sunday is our only whole day time together. We can always make things work.😊

If he loves you, he will support you through hook or crook ❣

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