How to Let Someone down Easily ...


How to  Let Someone down Easily ...
How to  Let Someone down Easily ...

It’s one of the most awkward moments in the dating life of any woman - that moment when you have to decide how exactly you are going to tell a guy that you aren’t romantically interested in him without totally crushing him. So how to let someone down easily is a good question. It’s a fine line to walk because you don’t want to upset him or offend him, but you want to make it clear that his romantic interest in you isn’t something that is reciprocated on your end. This can be a really delicate situation, and it can be hard for women who don’t feel confident in their own convictions, so in order to make letting him down easy as simple as possible, here's how to let someone down easily.

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Crack a Joke

, A joke is one of the best answers for how to let someone down easily. When it comes to letting someone down, humour is sometimes a clever road to take. Not in the sense that you are making fun of his advances, but you are diffusing any kind of tension that might arise with a silly joke about something completely unrelated. By cracking a joke and changing the subject, you are sending a message that the romantic atmosphere that he just tried to create isn’t something that you want to explore.


Don’t Overestimate Yourself

white, black, photograph, black and white, infrastructure, Before you say something that might alter your friendship with this guy forever, take a second to really think about whether he is actually trying to come on to you or not. If your ego is slightly inflated, it can often feel like any member of the opposite sex is trying to spark a connection with you. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself and before you wreck a friendship that was perfectly innocent!


Offer Praise

phenomenon, human, interaction, mouth, girl, If he flat out asks you out on a date and you don’t want to go, then find a way to let him down while also praising him. Make him see that it's not because he is ugly or because he isn't appealing, but just that you personally aren’t in the right place to accept his offer. Always focus on the positives and it might help him be more confident with the next girl he asks!


White Lies

girl, phenomenon, human, darkness, screenshot, Listen, lying on the whole is a bad thing, but when it comes to getting out of a situation as smoothly as possible, a little white lie or two isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Telling a guy in a club that you have a boyfriend in order to get him off your back is perfectly acceptable, as is telling a friend that you just aren’t ready to get into something right now. He doesn't have to know that it's just him!


Don’t Wait

music artist, singer, human hair color, performance, singing, If you can sense that he is interested in you and he’s not going to stop trying, then you need to treat it like a band-aid and rip it off super quick! The longer you don’t tell the truth, the longer he is going to think he has a chance, which will only lead to feelings of ill will at the end of everything.

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