How to Look 👀 and Act 😏 Hot 🔥 AF when You Bump into 🙊 Your Ex 💔 ...


Wondering how to look and act revenge hot? Anybody who has been unfortunate enough to experience it, will know that bumping in to your ex when you are still feeling down about the breakup is one of the worst feelings in the world! No matter how much you pretend to be completely over it on your various social media platforms, coming face to face with the person that broke your heart is a different sensation entirely. Of course, the dream scenario is for you to be looking and feeling your absolute best the next time you happen to cross paths, and we are here to tell you that there are definitely a few things you can do to make this an easier possibility. Here are some tips for how to look and act revenge hot next time you bump into your ex.

1. Extra Hair Care

Paying attention to your hair is one of the best answers for how to look and act revenge hot. Your hair is something that can make an impact even from across a room, so if you know that you are going to be in a situation where you might bump into your ex, make sure that your locks are sensational! Not only will others take notice, but you will also get a massive boost of self-confidence that makes you lovely from the inside out!

Bold Eyes
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