9 Things You Never Forget about Your Ex ...


9 Things You Never Forget about Your Ex ...
9 Things You Never Forget about Your Ex ...

There are some things you never forget about your ex. If you are like the majority of people in the world, you will go through a few different relationships before you finally find ‘the one’. No matter how long or how short your romantic history has been, there is one thing for certain. With each name that gets added to the list of exes, there is also another, more mental list, of things that you are definitely never going to forget about them. It might be big things, it might be little things, but it’s absolutely certain that there will be a few traits, memories or characteristics that you will keep in your mind forever, both good and bad! Here are some of the things you never forget about your ex.

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The Early Days

photograph, black, black and white, monochrome photography, man, What things felt like at the beginning is just one of the things you never forget about your ex. No matter how messy it got at the end, you always remember those early days of courtship when all of the excitement and chemistry was so abundant. It tends to make you look back on previous relationships with rose tinted glasses.



human hair color, girl, blond, muscle, long hair, You will never forget those three or four flaws they had that drove you absolutely crazy, and the unfortunate thing is that the memories of these flaws can sometimes bleed into a new relationship unfairly.


Their Friends

girl, product, You might have become close with a few your ex’s best friends, and it’s sad because when you remove yourself from your ex’s life, you find yourself removing yourself from them as a side effect.


The Insults

girl, long hair, brown hair, photo caption, song, They say actions speak louder than words, but that still doesn’t take away from the fact that you always remember the very worst insults that came your way when you in the middle of your arguments.


Their Smell

girl, television program, computer wallpaper, midnight, It sounds silly, but everyone has their own individual smell, and you will definitely remember what your ex’s scent was, it might catch you off guard sometimes when you least expect it.


The Day of Realization

glasses, eyewear, vision care, girl, long hair, You will definitely never forget the day that you realised the relationship wasn’t going to work. It might not be the same day that you broke up, but it is certainly a milestone day in your life.


The Tears

eyebrow, chin, hairstyle, forehead, girl, Even if breaking up was the right thing to do, you still won’t forget the number of tears that you shed, both in a sad and in a cathartic sense.


Break up Day

beauty, girl, lady, photography, black hair, Whether it was straightforward or messy, nobody ever forgets the day they break up with someone. So much emotional energy gets put into those few hours.


When You Reconnect

human hair color, girl, long hair, brown hair, smile, You will also never forget the first day that you bump into each other after splitting. It’s tense and can be awkward, but hopefully, it will be a reminder of how far you have come.

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9. I’ll never forget the he treated me. And I broke up with him for a reason.

Recently I just broke up with this boy I dated for almost a year. I had mad love for him. He means so much to me. But he always lie to me and play games. There are a couple things I miss about him. 1. His laugh 2. His smell 3. His hug 4. His voice

7. His sense of humor 8. How persistent he is

I still miss my ex no matter how hard I try to get over him

5. His calls 6. Going out with him

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