How to Guide πŸ“– for Making Your First Boyfriend πŸ’‘ Experience a Treasure πŸ’ for Girls Not in the Game 🎰 ...

Your first boyfriend may not be your first love but it should be a relationship you look back on fondly. It’s exciting and there’s also a hint of trepidation due to inexperience. There will be surprises and challenges and maybe even situations you’ve never handled before. You’ll probably find out that romance isn’t all hearts and flowers, but you’ll learn valuable lessons to take through your future dating life. Here’s how to make the most of your first boyfriend:

1. Don’t Forget Yourself

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Having a boyfriend for the first time can be a real whirlwind of emotion, and in the chaos of young romance there is the danger of doing everything to please him and forgetting yourself as a result. Though of course it is natural to want to make him happy by doing things that he wants to do, don’t let yourself get carried away and be too submissive. Having a balanced and fair relationship is the real thing to treasure – at any age.

2. Don’t Ignore Family and Friends

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There is a tendency for some new lovers to shut themselves away with each other and start to neglect the personal and social needs of their family and friends. Your boyfriend might not be there forever, but your family and closest friends definitely will be, so don’t burn any bridges with them while you are experiencing first love with your new man.

3. Be Prepared

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Though first love feels amazing, very few first boyfriends are the boyfriends that you end up with forever, so while it is great to be swept up in the new sensations and emotions, you should be somewhat realistic and always keep a degree of sensibility in the back of your mind that it may not last forever. This way, you will not be as devastated if it does break down.

4. Keep Something Back Initially

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Though you may want to completely open up and reveal yourself to your new boyfriend, the sensible option would be to keep a little of yourself back to start with. To completely reveal your soul to somebody is one of the most intimate things you can do, so it is worth waiting a little while until you know that you really love each other – which might not happen. Finally giving yourself completely in an emotional sense will be the sign that this really is a special relationship.

5. Demand Some Respect

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I don’t mean you have to walk around singing Aretha Franklin in his face, but you must make sure that whilst you are learning about the compromises of a relationship, you still demand some respect for yourself. As I said before, the best romantic partnerships are the ones that have an equal balance of power and respect, so why not get into the swing of this with your very first boyfriend?

6. Don’t Pick Fights

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First relationships mean that you will probably be spending more time with a non-family individual than you ever have before, so do not create unwanted tension by picking small and unnecessary fights with him. If something is bugging you, talk it out in a mature way rather than shouting and not listening to one another. The fewer fights in a relationship, the more treasured it will be in hindsight.

7. Have Realistic Expectations

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This is your first boyfriend, right? So don’t get carried away and start planning a wedding in your head! First relationships are very rarely turned into forever relationships, so enjoy your new boyfriend for what he is: your first step into a world of adult dating. You never know, he may turn out to be the one, but you shouldn’t think that from the offset.

I would add – don’t over think things, nor analyze everything the two of you do. Relax and enjoy your first relationship as much as you can.

Have you had your first boyfriend yet? And for those ladies who’ve been around the dating scene a bit longer, what advice would you give?

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