10 Tips on How to Meet a Guy ...


10 Tips on How to Meet a Guy ...
10 Tips on How to Meet a Guy ...

How To Meet a Guy that’s nice, funny, smart and still single? Well, my ladies, being in the right place at the right time sure makes things easier but it can’t seal the deal. Yup, you have to play your cards right too and that often involves more than just dressing up and landing your behind on the nearest chair. In fact, various researches have proved that a very big percentage of women still wonders how to meet a guy while doing everything they can to make finding that guy even harder! So, in order to help you figure out what you’re doing wrong, discover new strategies and ultimately find your prince charming, I’ve compiled this list of useful tips on how to meet a guy:

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Start Watching Sports

Most guys like sports, watch sports, talk about sports go to various sports events and…guess what? Love girls with similar interests! So? What are you waiting for? My first tip on how to meet a guy would be to start watching sports until you find something you really like and, once that happens, you’ll have plenty of things to talk about with other (potentially cute) fans.


Hang out with Your Male Friends More Often

You don’t need to bust your brain trying to figure out how to meet a guy, just re-connect with your male friends and let them introduce you to their friends. You know that Multi Level Marketing scheme various companies use to sell their products? Well, that’s how things work here too! You start hanging out with one guy, he introduces you to three of his friends, his friends then bring their own friends and before you know it, you’re surrounded with guys.


Go out Alone

No, I’m not saying you should dress up and hit the club all on your own – that would be really boring not to mention dangerous. What I’m trying to say is that our habit to “travel in packs” often limits our chances of meeting guys. One male friend kindly brought this to my attention saying something like, “Six? You’re going out with 6 girls?! Girl, I doubt even a police patrol would dare to approach seven of you, yet alone one guy!” So, buy a book or a magazine, sit in the park (or the coffee shop) and have the coffee you’d normally drink alone and at home in a slightly different environment. Start jogging or, better yet – borrow your neighbor’s dog and take him for a walk!


Join a Gym

Here’s another idea on how to meet a guy and a potentially hot one, if I may add! But, here, let me explain what I have in mind. First of all, you’d want to pick a relatively small gym, not one of those huge, fancy ones in which both girls and guys have their own space and second of all, you’d want to make sure your timing is correct. Now, given the fact that most guys train extra hard in order to look their best in summer, choosing early spring would make sure both all-year-round-gym-lovers and summer-go-getters are present (and maybe even single)!


Attend All Events You’ve Been Invited to

Birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, weddings and even funerals are all good places to meet interesting men so think about that before you decide to skip a certain event. Some of these events might turn out boring but hey – the food is free, the drinks are free so you can at least show up for an hour or two and… who knows!


Explore New Hobbies

Join a book club if you love books, start learning a new language, enroll in a cooking class or take up martial arts! Don’t be disappointed even if all people in your group are women because you could still fulfill your goals. Having more friends means going out more and being invited to more events and, while other girls sit at home wondering how to meet a guy, you’ll be out there actually doing it.


Be Friendly

If you’re constantly complaining, frowning, have the habit of looking down on people or acting like they simply aren’t important enough for you to notice them, meeting guys won’t be an easy task. Furthermore, you could be the best looking girl in the room and still not meet anybody simply because your body language screams, “Do Not Approach”. Try smiling, being polite, saying “Hi”, “Thank You” and “Good Bye”, think happy thoughts, make jokes and pay attention to the people and things around you.


Be a Damsel in Distress

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and, oh, you should definitely practice your damsel in distress act because it works like a charm. Men love to be heroes and once they see a lady in trouble, they will definitely run to help, even if that help involves taking the box of cereal off that incredibly high supermarket shelf. Don’t seem nervous or frustrated -try helpless instead and you’ll be amazed with the results.


Dress to Impress

My next tips on how to meet a guy would be to make sure you’re always dressed for the occasion. Now, don’t worry because that doesn’t mean you have to walk your dog and do your laundry looking like Victoria Beckham on a good day! In fact, overdressing is something you should avoid as guys never choose the most dressed up girl in the room because they are afraid she’s just as posh as the popular ex- Spice Girl. Don’t go out wearing old, stained clothes or, God forbid, pajamas either - surprise flirting doesn’t seem right when you know you look homeless! A cute tee, pair of jeans and ballet flats are both nice and comfy, plus it takes like 3 minutes to put them on! Let’s add 2 more for hair and voila – you’re ready to flirt, you look cute and approachable and you haven’t spent more than 5 minutes on your looks!


Start Conversations

You CAN make the first step and you don’t even have to risk anything! So, next time you see a guy that seems like the guy you’re hoping to meet, start a conversation. Ask him a question about something, ask to borrow a lighter, smile, tell him a book he’s reading is very good or tell him to check out page 4 in case he’s holding the newspaper. If you happen to work in the same company you can do even more so definitely greet him, approach him when you see he’s standing alone and, if you are really brave, compliment his suit/tie or invite him for lunch.

There you have it ladies – everything you’ll ever need in order to stop busting your brain trying to figure out how to meet a guy and fast forward straight to making it happen. Do you have some cool, creative tips on how to meet a guy that’s nice and normal?

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