7 Incredible πŸ™Œ Ways to Stay Close πŸ’‘ to Your Partner πŸ’˜ ...


If you've been together for a while, you may wonder how to stay close to your partner.

Life gets in the way, they say. And sadly, when that happens, many couples disengage from each other, and consequently fall out of love.

Staying in love means staying connected to your partner, and that involves being constantly engaged with them. Here are 7 ways to stay engaged and connected and to feel closer to your partner.

1. No Phones at Dinner or in Bed

It’s become a truism that we stroke our phones more than we stroke our partners. It’s the last thing we touch at night and the first thing we pick up in the morning. Often, couples may be lying side by side, but each is in his or her separate world of connecting with other people electronically. The same goes for dinner. How often do you see a couple paying good money for a lovely meal at a good restaurant who are sitting swiping their phones? Conversation is all but gone in these situations, and if you are not talking to each other, you are not engaged. So come on, put those phones away and talk to one another!

Do a Hobby Together
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