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25 Totally Real Ways to Know You're in Love ...

By Sici

If you can not tell if it really is love, these totally real ways to know you are in love will help you to know for sure!

If you answer "yes" to at least half of these statement - then you have definitely got that loving feeling!

1 You Have Butterflies in Your Tummy when You Think of Them

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2 You Find Yourself Smiling when You Remember Something Charming or Sweet That They Did or Said. Other People Ask You Why You’re Smiling, and You Just Shrug – Smugly

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3 When You’re Reading Something, Your Mind Drifts Back to Your Partner and How Cute or Sexy They Are. You Have Trouble Concentrating

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4 You Find Yourself Really Trying to Understand How Their Mind Works, What Makes Them Tick. Not Only in Bed, but There Too

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5 When the Phone Rings, Your Heart Gives a Little Jump, Hoping That It’s Your Beloved. when It’s Not, You Feel down and Disheartened

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6 You Have to Stop Yourself from Phoning or Contacting Them Every Hour on the Hour. You Physically Have to Restrain Your Fingers from Touching Your Mobile by Sitting on Your Hands

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7 You Go out with a Friend for Lunch and Keep Calling Your Friend by Your Partner’s Name. Your Friend Gets Irritated but You Can’t Help Yourself

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8 You Watch Their Favourite Show or Sport Even Though You’ve Got Absolutely Zero Interest in It. They do the Same for You, Which You Think is so Kind

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9 You Pat the Dog and Allow Their Cat to Be around You Even Though You Suffer from Allergies. You Know How Much Their Pet Means to Them, and You Would Not Ever Want to Put Them in a Position of Having to Choose, Even at the Expense of Your Health

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10 You Lose Weight. Duh

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11 You Tone up. You Exercise like Mad

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12 You Improve Your Personal Hygiene by 100 Percent, Spend Money on His and Her Perfumes and Aftershaves (or Hers and Hers, or His and His, Whatever the Case May Be)

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13 The Picket Fence Pops up in Your Mind, Unexpectedly

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14 You Spend Money on Them Instead of on Yourself, Knowing How Happy It Would Make Them

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15 You Refrain from Doing Vulgar Things That You Would do if You Were Alone, like Passing Wind or Belching. You Always Want to Show Them Your Good Side

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16 You Go to Movies Together Not to Watch Anything in Particular, but Rather for the Intimacy of Holding Hands and Hooking up in the Dark. You Whisper to Each Other and when People in the Cinema Try to Shush You, You Just Giggle

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17 You Don't Desire Other People, Even People You Found Terribly Attractive before. You’re Suddenly Convinced about This Whole Monogamy Thing

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18 You Willingly Give in to the Things You Normally Don't Compromise on

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19 You Bore Your Friends to Death with Anecdotes about Your Partner – Stories That Your Friends Don’t Find in the Least Bit Interesting or Funny

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20 You Will Not Tolerate Any Negative Comments about Them

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21 As You Wake up, You Grab Their Hand, and Go in for a Big Snuggle

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22 You Suddenly Feel Generous Enough to Forgive Your Old Partner Who Cheated on You and Made You so Unhappy. Life’s Suddenly Too Short and Rosy to Hold a Grudge Forever

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23 You Alternate between Walking with a Spring in Your Step and Floating on Air

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24 You Learn to Cook Their Favourite Food, Even Though You Previously Never Got Further than Overboiling an Egg

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25 You’re Not Afraid to Say “I Love You” the Minute You Wake up, as You Gaze Lovingly into Their Eyes

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