How to Stop Him from Looking at Other Girls ...


How to Stop Him from Looking at Other Girls ...
How to Stop Him from Looking at Other Girls ...

Every guy is guilty of looking at other women. It's natural. But how much is too much? If your man is repeatedly looking at other women, that is disrespectful to both you and your relationship. Here are the top ways to stop him from looking at other girls.

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Ask Him if He's Looking for a New Girlfriend

If you are confident but not angry with your words, this will bring to light what he's doing right in front of you. Ask him if he thinks she's hot directly, and then ask if he's stupid enough to look at other women while you're right there. You'll let him know that you see him doing this and you're not okay with it, which should make him think before he acts.


Have a Serious Talk

Tell him how you feel. Do you feel disrespected, unwanted, and extremely uncomfortable? Say it! He should change his actions if your relationship means anything to him. He's obviously an adult and completely in control of his actions.


Copy His Actions

If talking does nothing, give him a taste of his own medicine. Look at a random guy the same way he looks at random girls and make sure he's watching. He shouldn't like it and will get upset, similar to how you feel.


Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Women

Once you stop looking at other women and comparing yourself, your life will change drastically. Guys love confident women! Your flaws are what make you special, and when you love yourself, amazing things happen. If your man doesn't love you for you, it's time to break things off.


Improve Yourself

Boost your self esteem for no one but yourself! You can let others love you once you love yourself. Improve every aspect of your life. Those around you will notice all of your changes in posture, speaking, body language, and appearance. He should stop noticing other girls not only because of your improvements, but because he should only have eyes for you.


Stop Being Jealous

Jealousy is negativity. If this is why your man is looking at other women is because he likes seeing you jealous, tell him that you don't have room for that in your life. It's best to do this sooner rather than later, because could you imagine years down the road, married, with kids, a home, and you're still dealing with this issue? You want to be secure in your relationship, because little doubts of jealousy can ruin any relationship. You want to be in this for forever, so if it's not working out now, it won't work out later.



After you've taken all of these actions, what is the outcome? Is he taking you seriously, or does he think this is one big joke that doesn't even matter? If he's thinking the latter, it's time to move on and find someone who loves and truly cares for only you.

Unhealthy relationships are terrible for your well-being. How did you deal with a partner that wouldn't stop looking at other women? Comment below!

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Yeah well there is gawking and just looking. If he is a pig who keeps it up I would get the heck out of there. He's a jerk for disrespecting you by oggling with his perverted eyes.

The key to this is........nothing! Men and women will always look at other people but what matters is the level of mutual respect and acknowledgment. Women who refuse to believe their men don't look at other women are....not realistic.

He even likes a lot of old pictures on their profiles which feels like crossing a line for me. What do I do? We've talked about it and he said he just liked seeing people's pictures and that he doesn't talk to any so it doesn't matter

I think that this kind of guys doesn't deserve to have him just a partner .

My bf's social media is full with other girls, he likes their pictures, even comments on them sometimes and keeps adding new girls. Now he started instagram and he follows mostly strange girls, which wouldn't be a problem but I feel like it can be too much

We have a long distance relationship so I can't check. Should I let this go? Or am I right to be upset about this and for finding it a big deal?

We have a really serious relationship, we're talking about getting married yet this behavior makes me feel like he's not ready or mature enough for commitment

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