Immature Behaviours That Can Wreck a Relationship ...


Immature Behaviours That Can Wreck a Relationship ...
Immature Behaviours That Can Wreck a Relationship ...

There are several immature behaviours that can wreck a relationship and knowing what they are can save you a lot of heartache.

Let’s be honest. Every single one of us has the tendency to get a little immature at times. There might be point of view that you just aren’t willing to give up, or an argument that you just can’t bear to lose, so you take it back to the school yard and throw a tantrum. While this behaviour passes really quickly in some cases simply because you and your partner are mature adults and can see the errors of your ways, there are occasions when this kind of behaviour can become too much to take and could spark the end of a relationship. Here are five of the most immature behaviours that can wreck a relationship.

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Text Arguments

hairstyle, girl, black hair, socialite, product, Having a fight via text message rather than person to person is a classic immature move. If you don’t respect one another enough to hash out your grievances in person, then it could be a sign that you aren’t mature enough as a couple to make this relationship work. Texting might be the easy solution, but there isn’t enough nuance on a phone screen to be able to get important points across, and a lot can be lost in the process. Fighting online is one of the most immature behaviours that can wreck a relationship.


The Wrong Kind of Spontaneity

beauty, human hair color, eyebrow, black hair, girl, Being spontaneous in the bedroom or going out for a surprise date on a Friday night is great for a relationship, but when one of you is so spontaneous that it makes it impossible to make even the most basic of plans, then that could be the start of a more serious problem. You need a level of consistency within the relationship where both of you feel comfortable and secure, and if you can’t manage to do that, then there isn’t much hope for the future.


Breaking Promises

human hair color, girl, black hair, mouth, brown hair, Are one or both of you constantly cancelling plans made well in advance, and breaking small promises that lead up to a big problem? This is not a good way to operate a mature relationship, as the level of trust will go down and down until there is nothing left. All you will be doing is waiting for the next promise to be broken and the next big fight to start because of it. It’s a bad cycle to be involved with.


Never Saying Sorry

girl, smile, photo caption, One of the biggest signs of true maturity is being willing to say that you are sorry, both when you know you are wrong and when you know it will be a sensible way to move on from a problem. If you or your partner aren’t prepared to apologize for your actions, then the relationship will never work.


Social Media Drama

pink, purple, girl, textile, magenta, We all love to take a look when somebody blows their relationship up on social media, but deep down we know that it's one of the most immature routes to take. If you have a problem with your partner, discuss it with him in private, rather than blasting him in public!

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