7 Important Things You Can Tell about a Man on the First Date ...


First dates are as fun as they are nerve-racking, because you need to make a good first impression if you want to land a second date. However, instead of focusing on what you might do wrong, pay attention to whether your date is doing everything right. Here are some of the most important things you can tell about a man on the first date:

1. If He Respects You

A man can fool you on the first date, which is why you should pay attention to more than his funny quips and conversations. Focus on the little things, like if he showed up ten minutes late or if he continuously checked his phone for texts. The little disrespectful things that he does when he first meets you will only amplify as your relationship goes on.

If He Treats Workers Well


Chanel and Co
I love this! And Karen there are signs you can notice even on the first date...now some are great actors lol
i don't agree with the temper one, he's not going to blow in front of you and especially not on the first date, unless he's some sort of mad man!!!
I do not agree with number 6. If a person is not close with their family, it does not make them a bad person. I am not close with mine, so it's not in my top 5 values. If it not in my values I probably won't ask.
I Luv the last one! My boo didn't touch me at all and we hv been strong for 3yr.
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