7 Reasons to Just Tell Him How You Feel ...


You may have a secret crush on someone and you've been meaning to tell him how you feel. There are many reasons as to why you should open up to the man of your dreams. There's no use in holding back how you truly feel about a person. Life is too short to be fearful. So, here are seven reasons to just spill the beans and tell him how you feel.

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He Deserves to Know Your Feelings

He should know how you feel—especially if he's a friend. The least you could give him is honesty. After all, that's what being an adult is all about. If you have something important to tell someone even if it's a person you're fond of, then you should find courage somewhere to take on the challenge. Be completely transparent with the object of your affection. You never know where the truth may lead you.


It'll Stop Eating You up inside

Letting the guy know how you feel will help get rid of all the anxiety you're experiencing. Does it seem like every time you're around him you get this unending urge to let it all out? Well, that's your conscience eating away at you. It's time to just come out and tell him how you truly feel so that you can have a clear mind for once.


You'll Avoid Regret

One feeling you never want to experience is regret. You may miss your chance at having a good thing if you don't inform your love interest about your secret admiration. While you're over there deciding how, when, or where you'll tell him, someone else is scheming up a plan to take your future boo. This is the perfect time to approach him ... not when the opportunity is gone.


Another Source May Relay the Message

If you're running your mouth to mutual friends or colleagues, the truth may just reveal itself without you ever having to do it. Now, how embarrassing it would it be to have someone else tell your crush how you feel? You should be taking that leap of faith yourself. He could very well lose all respect for you because you never revealed your feelings to him FIRST.


He'll Respect You More

As mentioned in point number four, you want him to earn respect from him not only as a person, but as an adult. Most people value communication, and if you can't be open with him, then it may be a turn off. Show him how bold you are by going after something you truly want. Additionally, you'll respect yourself more for finally finding the courage to approach him.


It'll Put Everything into Perspective

Have you been acting funny around him lately? Maybe you've been a lot clumsier with your words or actions? He may be puzzled as to why you're acting so strangely. Well, you know the reason to why you're stalking him in the break room or calling him multiple times at night. So, just tell him what the deal is already.


He May or May Not Feel the Same

Telling him how you feel will reveal to you how he feels. Things may work out in your favor and you'll find yourselves on the same page. In the worst-case scenario, he may not feel the same. Whether your proposition is accepted or rejected, at least you now know where he stands.

In a traditional sense, it's unorthodox for a woman to confront a man. Growing up, I was always taught that it was a man's place to court the woman. However, times have changed and men have definitely changed! Therefore, if approaching him first gets you what you want, then go for it! How do you plan to tell your crush how you feel?

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lol , Bridget

P.s. I'm sure the post was helpful to some.. I don't want to sound rude! XO

Ah! I feel like this was made for me! I have a huge crush on someone right now!

has anyone ever told a guy that they like him and it turn out successful

Not ready for this moment just yet. My crush on this guy is very fresh and he just moved to where I am. I jut gotta wait just to be his friend and I'll see from there.

Doesn't really work if it's your ex, huh :(( Thanks for the post anyway, I'm sure others will benefit from it

This was pretty helpful! Loved point #4/5.

Funny because I did this recently and I felt like many of the things noted in this article. I was terrified but it was eating me up so much that I needed release. Initially I doubted my decision but as the days have gone by, I've felt empowered and liberated! The trick is to prepare yourself for both good and bad outcomes. Also with me I wasn't expecting anything from him. I'm proud of myself for being as my friends say..."BRAVE" 😊

No more hearts! Valentines Day is over ;)

My crush just turn 25 and I am 17 I think I just need to wait till I am 18 my best friend tells me he likes me back from how he acts soo I think it is just becuse I am 17 I guess

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