7 Tips to Help You Overlook Your Guy's Flaws ...


Are your guy’s flaws getting to you? These are some tips to help you deal with them better. I want to first define flaws as something that annoys you, not deliberately unkind behavior which you should never have to put up with. But let’s move on to what can help you overlook your guy’s flaws.

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Remember That You’re Not Perfect

This can be helpful when you’re trying to deal with your guy’s flaws. Remind yourself that you aren’t perfect, either. You probably have some quirks that he doesn’t love. That’s because everyone is an individual and you’re going to have differences. Remembering that he may hate that you neglect to shut cabinet doors may help you to have more tolerance for the fact that he doesn’t keep his car clean.


Think about His Great Points

Most likely, for every flaw that your guy has, he probably has several great points. Maybe he always runs five minutes late but he buys you flowers all the time. It’s best to focus on the things you love about him. When you do that, it helps you overlook his flaws. It’s a matter of choosing your thoughts.


Understanding that perfection is unrealistic sets the stage for a healthier relationship. Acknowledge and admire his dedication to work, his infectious laugh, or his knack for making you feel special. Remember, relationships are about embracing the whole person, quirks included. If his positive attributes outweigh the negatives, it's worthwhile to let those positives shine. After all, these good traits likely drew you to him initially. Celebrating his strengths can make the little imperfections seem minuscule in comparison, fostering a more forgiving and loving atmosphere.


Realize Other Girls Would Love to Have Him

More than likely, there are other girls out there that would love to have a great guy with a few odd habits. You may be very lucky to have him. And the same could be said about how lucky he is to have you. The thing is, each person is a package deal. They come with both good and bad, wonderful points and not so wonderful points. It’s about deciding if they’re worth it.


Laugh about It

You know, so many things that get under your skin can be something you choose to laugh about. This is especially true if you’ve been in a relationship for longer than a year. You really start getting to know each other at that point. You may know exactly what your guy is going to do. You can choose to laugh at the predictability of it.


Ignore It

Just like you’d prefer that he ignore your flaws, he’d probably like you to ignore his. Most things in your relationship aren’t worth worrying over when they’re along these lines. It’s important to pick your battles. There’ll definitely be times that you need to deal with issues in your relationship; just make sure it’s worth it. If you save your criticism for when something really is a big deal, it’s more likely to be taken seriously.


Appreciate His Quirkiness

There’s a lovely little quote by Dr. Seuss that’s appropriate here. “We’re all a little weird and life’s a little weird and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” Very well said, Dr. Seuss. There’s not anyone out there who isn’t quirky or flawless. So, why not learn to appreciate his weirdness?


Talk to Him about It

If your guy's flaw is something that you absolutely cannot deal with, talk to him about it. If you choose this option, it’s best to approach the subject calmly. If you attack him about it then he’s likely to be defensive and angry. It may be best to just ask him if he could stop doing whatever it is that’s bothering you. This is something only you can decide.

These are 7 tips to dealing with your guy’s flaws. Are there things your guy does that drives you crazy? What’s your strategy in dealing with them?

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Defo worked thank you x

Ughhhhhh he picks his nose... Somebody help me pls

Umm personally i feel that if you truly love the person or even just have a crush on them you shouldn't really have a problem overlooking their flaws. The positives should completely and totally overrule them.

I think that if you loved the person, their flaws wouldn't be a big deal

#8 Rum

Ughhhhhh he picks his nose... Somebody help me pls

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