Have You Told Your Partner These Important Things about Your Ex? ...

While you shouldn't ramble on about previous relationships, there are several things you should always tell your partner about your ex. If you tell your current partner about your ex now, you don't have to worry about any secrets or issues coming between you later. Many relationships have ended simply because the truth was left unsaid. It might be hard, but these things you should always tell your partner about your ex might just save your relationship.

1. Current Relationship with Your Ex

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One of the most important things you should always tell your partner about your ex is what the current relationship is between the two of you. If you're not still in contact, you're fine. If you're still friends or work with your ex, your partner needs to know this. If you hide it, your partner will wonder why and likely suspect you of cheating. Since you have nothing to hide, just tell your partner upfront.

2. Diseases

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If your ex has an STI and you were intimate, your partner should know. Let them know if you've been tested along with the results. The last thing you want is your partner freaking out when he hears about it through the rumor mill. It likely won't be the most enjoyable conversation, but he does have a right to know. It'll also make sure he doesn't panic later on.

3. Ex's Feelings

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Does your ex still have feelings for you? Do they still try to contact you? Always tell your partner if your ex still wants to be with you. You should definitely let them know if the ex is trying to contact you in any way. This prepares your partner for any possible confrontations and gives you the chance to tell him exactly how you feel about the ex. Just make sure you don't make it sound like you're bragging that the ex can't get over you.

4. Pet Peeves

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Most of the time we don't realize what are pet peeves are until we encounter them. If you ex always did something that drove you crazy, let your partner know. This is especially true if that's part of the reason you broke up with your ex. Think of it as a great way to let your partner know what you don't like. Help them learn more about you through what your ex did wrong.

5. Shared Friends

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If you still have shared friends between you and your ex, you might end up running into each from time to time. Let your partner know upfront who these friends are. He'll be more comfortable knowing who they are and when he might be meeting your ex. It'll prevent awkward situations in the future.

6. Reason for Breaking up

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If you and your ex were extremely serious, it's not only important to tell your partner why you broke up, but it'll help you get over any lingering pain. You don't need to tell you partner about every breakup, but the ones that affected you the most help your partner learn more about you. For this one, it's best to wait until you're both comfortable talking about your past.

7. Lingering Feelings

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If you have any lingering feelings for your ex, your partner deserves to know. It's not fair to him to work towards a lasting relationship if you still entertain thoughts about a future with your ex. This will be the hardest thing to tell your partner, but it's better than him finding out from someone else. Talk to your partner about it and explain why. Odds are, if he's a great guy, he'll help you work through it so you can realize why your ex is your ex to begin with.

Talking about exes isn't always the most fun thing to do in a relationship. However, your partner does deserve to know a few things. After all, what you went through with your ex has helped make you who you are today. How do you handle conversations about your ex?

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