7 Kinds of Enchantingly Beautiful Flowers to Make Her Heart Melt ...

Kinds of Flowers that will get you out of the doghouse can be hard to figure out. Guys, don't worry, I got the low-down on the kinds of flowers that will make her melt and forget about the fight you might have had! Below, I've compiled the top kinds of flowers that she'll fall head-over-heels for!

1. Orchids

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Orchids – while expensive are definitely the way to a girl's heart! If you've really messed up guys, this is one of the kinds of flowers that will make her forget about it. It doesn't matter what type of orchid either, they are all beautiful and unique in their own way!

2. Roses

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Personally, I'm not the hugest fan of roses – but I don't mind getting them! Roses are the traditional flower that will make her melt and will make her forget about the fight. Whether you get blood red, pink or white – make sure that you get a lot of 'em!

3. Lily

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I love lilies of all kinds! These are the kinds of flowers that are so delicate and beautiful, you just can't help not being mad! If she's upset with you, get her some lilies and watch the anger melt away!

4. Gerber Daisies

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I actually love these. I think that they pop with color and look beautiful all of the time. So if you're in the doghouse, one of the kinds of flowers that will really make her happy is Gerber daisies!

5. Hydrangeas

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While these are typically 'wedding' flowers, I think that they look awesome anytime! Stick some on the table, in her bathroom or even in her bedroom. I promise, she'll love them and you'll be out of the doghouse!

6. Calla Lily

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I think that calla lilies are such a regal flower. They are delicate, beautiful and are the perfect way for you to stop a fight! Just grab a dozen or two of these kinds of flowers and I promise, she'll completely melt!

7. Tulips

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Finally, this little spring-like flower will remind her of better times. I love tulips. They are such a happy little flower and if you get a bunch of different colors, you'll see her instantly light up!

Guys, flowers are the way to go when it comes to getting you out of a fight. While apologizing can do wonders, bringing her all kinds of flowers is a great way to break the ice! So ladies, what other kinds of flowers do you love? Give it up!

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