5 Kinds of Trust 🀞 Every πŸ’― Healthy Relationship πŸ’‘ Needs to Have πŸ‘ ...


If there is one thing that any great relationship needs to thrive and survive, it’s trust. And there are several kinds of trust every relationship needs. If you can’t trust your partner, then that prevents you from making any big decisions that could take the relationship to the next level, and you will always be stuck in a sort of romantic limbo. Trust is big word on its own and encompasses dozens, perhaps more, different aspects of a relationship, so let’s break down five of the most important kinds of trust every relationship needs for both of you to enjoy a happy, healthy and long-lasting relationship.

1. Trust in Fidelity

One of the most important kinds of trust every relationship needs is that of faithfulness. Unless you and your partner have 100% trust in the fact that neither of you will stray from the relationship and cheat, you will never be able to fully commit to one another. A promise to be faithful is one of the most important in any relationship, and if you truly love the person you are with, it should also be one of the easiest to keep. If you find yourself tempted to break this specific form of trust, then the future of the relationship doesn’t look particularly strong.

Trust in Security


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