5 Normal Worries of a New Relationship We All Experience ...


5 Normal Worries of a New Relationship We All Experience ...
5 Normal Worries of a New Relationship We All Experience ...

Are you wondering what are normal worries of a new relationship? Starting a new relationship is exciting but it can also be very daunting, and it’s not weird or unnatural to worry about certain things. It’s just part of the process. What matters is how you deal with these worries. Knowing what they are can really help, so here are the top normal worries of a new relationship.

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Is He Right for Me?

The age-old question and probably one of the most common normal worries of a new relationship. You might get on amazingly well, and you might be totally into him, but there’s always that little doubt about whether you’re totally compatible. The fact is, though, in relationships there are no guarantees. You can only go with the flow. If it’s working so far, then enjoy the moment and don’t think too far ahead.


Am I Moving Too Fast or Too Slow?

Relationships move at different paces. Some people will get engaged after 6 months, for others it could be 6 years. The pace doesn’t matter and shouldn’t be compared to any others. You just should move at a pace that makes you feel comfortable and happy.


Is This Definitely What He Wants?

Girls have a terrible habit of second-guessing their partner’s feelings. He could tell you he’s totally happy, but in our overthinking minds we might still wonder if he means it. The only thing you can do is trust him when he says this is what he wants until he shows and tells you otherwise.


Am I Going to Get Hurt?

As I said before, there are no guarantees with relationships. There is a chance you’ll get hurt because that’s what happens when you fall for someone and make yourself vulnerable to him. You can’t let the fear of getting hurt stop you from progressing with a relationship though, or you could end up missing out on something amazing.


Am I Good Enough for Him?

Yes. Yes, you are. You may think that if you’ve found your perfect guy, that it’s all too good to be true and he’s out of your league. But he isn’t. Sure, you may be lucky to have him, but don’t forget that he’s also very lucky to have you, and you shouldn’t think otherwise.

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