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7 Long Distance Relationship Aids ...

By Jenny

These long distance relationship aids have helped countless couples succeed in staying together despite being far apart. People used to think that a couple in this type of relationship couldn’t possibly make it, but with the current and upcoming long distance relationship aids being produced, it’s getting easier to stay in touch and express your love for each other.

1 Kissenger

Alright, my first two items are long distance relationship aids that are still being tweaked before being sold to consumers, but they are definitely being produced and I think they are AMAZING! This one is admittedly strange, but I think for the couple that lives very far apart and rarely gets to see each other, the Lovotics Kissenger aid would definitely help. For years I was in a long distance relationship, I lived in New York and he lived in Oregon. We would travel to see each other every four to five months or so but the time in between were incredibly hard. I know what it’s like to yearn to be with the person you love but have no way to connect with them on a personal level. Each of you gets one of these odd little contraptions. There are sensors that are in its “brain” and they connect to each other across the distance; when you both touch your lips to your respective “lip pads,” you can feel the pressure and movement exerted by your partner against your own lips. This is expected to be released sometime this year, so all of you long distance relationshipers out there, get ready for some robotic kissing!

2 Pillow Talk Pillow

This Little Riot Pillow Talk Pillow is in the prototype stage but they have had such an overwhelming response to it that it is a sure thing. I love this idea so much! Each person wears a bracelet that is wirelessly connected to your iPhone. You have a special pillow and when you get in bed and lie down, bringing the bracelet closer to the pillow, it lights up the OTHER person’s pillow so they know that you’re in bed. Not only that, but it also allows you to hear your significant other’s heart beat! Your pulse is picked up through the bracelet around your wrist and wirelessly transmitted from your phone to theirs using the app. I think this is such a sweet product! Most LDR-ers cuddle with their pillow pretending it’s their love. Just imagine, the new level this invention will escalate pillow cuddling to KNOWING the other person is laying in bed too, and hearing each other’s heart beats as you drift off to sleep.


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3 Journal

You, of course, do not need to buy a specific journal, but writing down your thoughts and feelings is a great way to tell your partner how you’re feeling even on days you don't get to communicate very much. Each of you writes down how you feel every day, just a quick blurb before you go to bed is great. At the end of each month, mail them to each other so you can both read the inner thoughts of your significant other. If you’re looking for more interaction, you can set up an account on (I know it’s a little old school, but hey…why not?). Each night you can write down what happened during the day and read the other person’s entry as well.

4 Couple App
Price: Free

This app lets you feel more connected to your love. When you are both using your app you can draw together, which is neat, but the absolute best part is that you can “thumb kiss”! This happens when you both touch the same spot on your screen at the same time. You will feel a gentle vibration that lets you know you have connected virtually by touching your fingers together!

5 Skype Date

I know that probably everyone in a LDR uses Skype to connect, but you can do so much more than just video chat. Set a time to have dinner together and eat sitting across from your long distance love via computer screen. If your time difference is too great and your meal times don’t sync up, try a movie date! Get on Skype, turn on Netflix or Hulu, count to three so you start your movie at the same time and sit back to talk to each other via Skype while you watch the movie together. I highly recommend one of you mutes your movie so you’re only hearing one instead of the two meshed together in case you’re off a half second or so.

6 Virtual Reality

Okay, time to talk about sex. There’s always phone sex, sexting and webcams, but there are some lesser known ways to get it on when you can’t be near each other as well. Second Life is a fairly popular virtual reality game but there are tons of other websites, just search around. Second Life allows you to create an avatar that you can get to look remarkably like you. You both pick a spot in the world to meet and you can engage in every day activities…but also a vast array of sexual acts. It’s a good way to have virtual sex if that’s what you want to try!

7 Clone-a-Willy

So… this one is pretty ridiculous BUT if you want to have sex with your partner and he just isn’t there… what else can you do? The Clone-A-Willy allows your guy to make an exact replica of his…eh…member. He can then send it to you and you can use it to pleasure yourself whenever you’d like. It’s probably a good idea to be on the phone with him at least once in a while to maintain that intimacy. It's around $33.06 at Amazon.

I find all of these long distance relationship aids intriguing. More and more products are being produced all the time as the amount of long distance relationships grow. The advancements will soon make it possible for you to feel like you are sitting in the same room with your special someone! What types of products would you like to see that would help long distance relationships survive?

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