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13 Ways to Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Strong ...

By Heather

A lot of you might not know, but Lyndsie and I were in a long distance relationship for a very, very long time and we had to learn all of the ways to keep our relationship strong; if you’re in an LDR and are looking for ways to keep your long distance relationship strong, take a look below! Strength is needed when you are in a long distance relationship just because you aren’t right there, spending time together. In order to keep your long distance relationship strong, you’ve got to be willing to put in the time and effort it takes and boy – does it take a lot of it!

1 LDR IPhone Apps

Nowadays, with the launch of an app for EVERYTHING (oh yes, I mean everything!), there are tons of apps to keep your long distance relationship strong without really feeling disconnected! All you need to do is some research on the apps, which ones work for you and find out if you would actually use them! If they had apps for LDRs when I was in a relationship? Man, it would’ve been so much easier!

2 Sleeping on the Phone

Weird, right? I know that it sounds messed up, but really, this is a great way for you two to really connect and for you two to really be together. Lyndsie and I slept on the phone for the first few years of our LDR and it was absolutely fantastic! When we finally moved in together, it was just a natural thing to sleep together because we’d been doing it on the phone for so long.

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3 Visit Each Other Often

Visiting is so, so important when you are in an LDR because you don’t get to see each other everyday. Lyndsie and I visited at least once a month, if not twice, and she lived 9 hours away! We talked everyday too, which was a big part of why we lasted and why a lot of LDR’s don’t last. If you are in a long distance relationship, I encourage you to really make an effort to see your partner a lot!

4 Have a Plan

I can’t say this enough, you can’t go into a long distance relationship without having some sort of plan for the future. I’ve seen couples that will stay in an LDR for years and years and years, and truthfully, that’s not good! A few years max is the best bet, but at some point, in order to move forward, you’ve got to have a plan to be in the same area.

5 Talk, Not Just Text Everyday

Texting is great, trust me, it’s a fantastic thing, but you really need to talk to each other. Talking is so much more personal and so many things can be misunderstand through text, it’s better to talk it all out. I talked, really talked to Lyndsie for hours every single day and we’re still together!

6 Skype

Skype is another fantastic thing to do, or Facetime! That way, you’ll be able to really see each other every single day and you’ll be able to really connect. Connecting is important when you are in an LDR, as you don’t have the connection in real life and in person.

7 Trust Each Other

If you can’t trust your partner, why are you with them? Truthfully, I never, ever thought that Lyndsie would be hooking up with other girls and I never suspected that she’d ever not be truthful with me. I trusted her and she trusted me. Do you trust your LDR partner?

8 Do Things Together

The next time you're talking on the phone, remember that you can do other things together to help strengthen your bond, also. Why not read the same book and discuss it together or watch the same movies and TV shows while you're on the phone? This way you can share the excitement, drama and laughs right along with your partner.

9 Send Your Scent

Another way to feel close to your love is to send a hand-written letter or card and spritz it with your perfume. Have your partner send their favorite fragrance also so you'll have a nice reminder of your partner whenever you feel lonely.

10 Express Yourself

It's not always easy to express how you feel and for some it can be ever harder when you have to do it over the phone. As difficult as it might be, being able to express yourself and how you feel is important in an LDR since you can't say it in person as often. Be open about your feelings, if you're feeling down, happy or lonely, say so! An LDR is no different than any other relationships and you should be able to share everything from your day-to-day stuff to more serious things, also.

11 Keep It Spicy

If you're at the point in your relationships where you feel comfortable enough to get a little naughty, don't be afraid to spice things up a bit! Send send a sexy text, photo or of course, there's always phone sex if the two of you are up for it. Just make sure the two of you are an in agreement on what you want to do, then go for it!

12 Go on Dates

Another awesome aspect of Skype is that you can go on a long distance date! Make dinner and eat together, play a game or whatever the two of you like doing together. It might seem a little awkward at first, but it's a new and different way to spend quality time together.

13 Be Positive

Yes, being in a long distance relationship is hard, but it will get better! Try to focus on the positive aspects of being in an LDR and that it's only a temporary situation. Look forward to the next time you see one another and remember that the distance can make you stronger as a couple!

While being in this type of relationship is hard, I am an advocate for it, as I was in one for a really long time! We are getting married now and live together, but it was hard when we were 9 hours away. Are you in a long distance relationship? Any tips to share?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lisa Washington

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