Low Key Reasons Why Your Relationship Didn't Work out ...


Low Key Reasons Why Your Relationship Didn't Work out ...
Low Key Reasons Why Your Relationship Didn't Work out ...

Sometimes, relationships just don't work out. It happens to the best of us. According to Self, these are a few reasons why your relationships have ended in the past:

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You Started off Hot and Fast

You Started off Hot and Fast You don't want to move too fast, especially at first. When you do that, you could end up thinking your feelings are stronger than they actually are. Plus, the faster you start a relationship, the faster it tends to end.


You Mistook Your “OK” Relationship for a Dream Come True

You Mistook Your “OK” Relationship for a Dream Come True You have to be realistic about your relationship. You can't pretend that your decent boyfriend is a knight in shining armor. You can't let yourself be blinded by your feelings for him.


You Didn’t Know the Real Person You Were Dating

You Didn’t Know the Real Person You Were Dating Sometimes, you never really know the man you're with. If you find out that he's completely different than the version of him in your head, then it's natural for the relationship to end.


You Didn’t Realize Your Partner Had Baggage

You Didn’t Realize Your Partner Had Baggage Everyone has baggage. You should talk about yours from the start. Otherwise, you're going to feel like you've been keeping secrets from one another, and that never ends well.


You Lost the Romance

You Lost the Romance You can't let yourselves get lazy. Even after ten years of dating, you need to continue to put in effort. If you don't, then that romance will completely disappear.


You Found out They’re a Filthy Liar

You Found out They’re a Filthy Liar Unfortunately, some men lie through their teeth. You might find out that everything he's ever said to you was a lie. Then it's obvious a breakup is in your future.


You Discovered Your Emotions Are Completely Incompatible

You Discovered Your Emotions Are Completely Incompatible You might just be two completely different people. There's nothing wrong with that. Some people click, and others don't.

Do these reasons have anything to do with why your last relationship ended?

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Great post-would love to see a follow up and expand reasonings.

Sometimes it just doesn't work out such is life

@Gasper if you really sure that he is chatting to girls on his phone them talk to him about it but not accusingly though. If he gets defensive and u r still suspicious then it is entirely up to u as to what u want to do. On the other hand he might just be attached to his phone and maybe he does it for attention but whatever it is it is down to you to do something about it

Keeping the romance or flame or whatever else you call it is VERY important to keep alive! Way sooner than 10 years. In as little as months into it, if you're both not trying and interested, it starts to fail. It sucks...

I can honestly say that everyone with the exception of cheating is right on the market

@Gasper if you're questioning your man and you mistrust him, it's either a case that you have reason to feel that way or you're not happy with yourself. Best advice I can give is to be honest with him and tell him how you're feeling and if he doesn't react in a positive and supportive way you need to leave, be single, focus on loving yourself. My ex was exactly as you described and our relationship ended terribly, I still can't help wondering now if I'd heeded the warning signs and left before that I would've saved myself so much heartache. 9 months later I met the man of my dreams and my soulmate, even if he doesn't agree with something I say or how I feel he NEVER dismisses me and always makes my opinions and feelings valid and always helps me either resolve my issue or resolve a situation. He never gets defensive and never judges me. It's a blessing to be with someone like this and when I was with my ex I thought I didn't deserve anything more than I had. But once you have the strength to walk away and find your own value again. Honestly can't stress enough how your gut feeling is always right.

Very accurate as to why my last one ended. Thanks for this post!

Idk I don't even have a boyfriend lol! So I don't even have to worry about any of those sort of things lol! 😀😃😆😄

Girls I need advice. My boyfriend that I have been dating for 1 year and 3 months keeps his phone a secret a lot. When we first started dating it seemed like there were no secrets between us. We had access to each other's phones but after I found out that he was still talking to his ex girlfriend a lot and once he started paying to much attention to one girl that we worked with and I pointed it out to him, he started to hide his phone from me. Whenever I ask him to look up something for me because I don't have my phone near me, he always has it at an angle where I can't see and one time I found out that he changed the girl's name that we work with to one of his best friends' names so I wouldn't know that he was texting her. Should I be worried? What should I do about it? He says he loves me and only wants me but if he really loved me I would think that he wouldn't want to hurt me by continuing to talk to them when he knows how much it bothers me and how sad it makes me. Thanks girls.

Pretty spot on. Sucks when you have to deal with liars.

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