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17 Reasons Why He Suddenly Lost Interest ...

By Holly

Don't you hate when a guy flirts with you for weeks, and then suddenly drops out of your life? When that happens, it's not your fault, so don't blame yourself. Here are a few potential reasons why he might've lost interest:

1 He Doesn’t Want a Real Relationship

face, red, person, image, photography, Some men love to flirt, but aren't ready for anything serious. That's why they'll run the other way once they develop a real connection with someone.

2 He Found Someone else

He Found Someone else He might have another girl now. It's sad, but it's possible.

3 He Has Other Things to Worry about

He Has Other Things to Worry about He might be too busy with work or school to focus on a relationship right now. He's prioritizing his career over a relationship.

4 He Hasn’t Seen You Often Enough

color, hair, facial expression, face, person, If you two never see each other in person, he might've forgotten about how amazing you are. It's easier to crush on someone you see all the time.

5 He Assumed You Didn’t like Him

He Assumed You Didn’t like Him If he assumed that you didn't have feelings for him, then he's probably trying to move on. He won't want to waste time going after you when he thinks you're only going to reject him.

6 He's Scared of Monogamy

He's Scared of Monogamy He might be terrified of commitment. If that's the case, he won't want to call anyone his girlfriend.

7 You Did Something He Didn’t like

color, hair, facial expression, face, image, You might've made him mad without realizing it. Try to think back to your old conversations to figure out if you pushed him away.

8 He Was Never Actually Interested

hair, person, blond, hairstyle, mouth, Sometimes, we fool ourselves into thinking our crush loves us. Maybe he never actually wanted to date you in the first place (which would mean he's incredibly naive).

9 He Already Got What He Wanted from You

black, black and white, photography, monochrome photography, monochrome, Some men only want sex. If you've already slept with him, he might stop talking to you, because he already got what he wanted.

10 You Were Too Much Drama

You Were Too Much Drama Men don't like drama. If your parents or friends were trying to keep you two apart, he might just leave to avoid all of the stress.

11 You Live Too Far Away

You Live Too Far Away If you live far away from him, he might be looking for a girl who lives closer.

12 He’s Fickle

He’s Fickle Some men don't know what they want. They change their minds by the day.

13 He Wants as Many Girls as He Can Get

He Wants as Many Girls as He Can Get He might be a player. That means he's trying to break as many hearts as he can.

14 The Chase is over

The Chase is over Some men enjoy chasing after women. Once they get the girl, they get tired of the girl.

15 He Lost His Confidence

He Lost His Confidence If he doesn't think he can get you, he might stop trying to go after you.

16 He’s Depressed

He’s Depressed If he's having a rough year, he probably won't have time to date. He needs to focus on his mental health first.

17 He Thinks You Deserve Better

He Thinks You Deserve Better Some men will leave our lives, because they think they're doing what's best for us. If he thinks he's a bad guy, he might be saving you the trouble of dealing with him.

It's not the end of the world when your crush drops out of your life. You'll find someone better eventually who wouldn't dream of leaving you. Has your crush suddenly lost interest in you, without explaining why?

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