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I know it can be pretty exciting to realize that you are in a relationship with someone who seems to be your better half, the one you’ve always been looking for and I’m sure you would do anything possible not to lose them, but at the same time, you shouldn’t forget about you or your needs and that’s why, I hope you will learn how not to let your life revolve around your partner and how to reconnect with yourself from time to time. Even though you think that by always focusing only on your partner, you’ll show them how much you love and cherish them, all that attention might suffocate them and in the long term, it can really damage your relationship. Try not to be too clingy and pay attention to these next tips on how not to let your life revolve around your partner:

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Don’t Let past Relationships Influence Your Decisions!

Every relationship is different since every person is unique and just because your past relationships didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean that you can judge every relationship based on your previous experiences. Remember who you used to be before your partner came into the picture and even if you feel like this man (woman) completes you, you should still learn a few things on how not to let your life revolve around your partner in order to keep a balance between your personal and your love life.


Relationships can be a source of joy and comfort, but they can also be a source of stress and anxiety. It is important to remember that no two relationships are the same and that it is not wise to judge a new relationship based on past experiences. To ensure that you don’t let your life revolve around your partner, here are seven tips to help you maintain a healthy balance between your personal and love life.

First, remember to take time for yourself and your own interests. It is important to nurture your own hobbies and passions in order to maintain a sense of self-fulfillment. Additionally, it is important to maintain relationships with friends and family that are separate from your relationship with your partner. This will help you stay connected to your roots and keep your life from becoming too dependent on your partner.

Second, practice open communication with your partner. This means being honest about your feelings and needs, and listening to your partner’s feelings and needs as well. This will help you both stay connected and build a strong bond.

Third, set boundaries in the relationship. This means understanding what is and is not acceptable in terms of behavior and communication. Setting boundaries will help you both feel secure and respected.


Build Your Self-Confidence

In my opinion, confidence is the most attractive feature in every person, so if you discover a few minuses in this area, you should definitely work on resolving them. There are a lot of self-help books out there with tons of ways to boost your self-confidence, but if you think that you’ll need a little more help, you could go see a therapist and resolve all the problems you might face in this important area of your life.


Pamper Yourself!

Just because you are in a relationship, you shouldn’t focus only on your partner. Don’t get me wrong, you should make small concessions every now and then and also, try as hard as you can to make your significant other happy, but you shouldn’t neglect yourself or your needs. Pamper yourself every now and then. Go get a massage, a manicure or a pedicure or you could simply choose at least an hour every day to dedicate to yourself and take a bubble bath, apply a facial mask or even try a new hairstyle.


Spend Time with Yourself

Even though you are in a relationship, don’t forget to spend time with yourself. Remember who you are, learn to reconnect with your true self and do some things you enjoy. Exercise, cook, read a book, listen to your favorite tunes, watch your favorite TV show or simply meditate. There’s plenty to choose from! If you want to feel loved by others, you should start with loving yourself and satisfying your own needs from time to time.


Find a Hobby

If you feel like lately you focused a bit too much on your other half and you don’t want to suffocate them, the best thing you could do is to find a new hobby and try to be the best at what you do. A hobby will help you build your self-esteem, it will boost your self-confidence and you’ll also meet new people. You’ll feel more relaxed and the time you and your partner will spend apart will only help you improve your relationship and increase your intimacy, since you’ll have the opportunity to miss each other, even if it’s only for a little while.


Don’t Forget about Your Loved Ones

The biggest mistakes most people make when they find themselves in a new relationship is that they neglect their friends or family members. Try not to forget about the people who were in your life before your partner came into the picture, because you’ll need them if your relationship doesn't work out. Don’t chase them away or hurt their feelings by always ditching them.


Make New Friends

I know that you might not feel the need to meet new people or make new friends because you think you don’t need any, since your partner satisfies your every need, but that’s not entirely true. Don’t isolate yourself and don’t spend every waking moment with your significant other! Go out and make some new acquaintances, make new friends and be friendly. I know you’ll thank me later for this.

Sometimes, you might not even notice that you completely forget about your needs or that you’re always obsessing about your partner. I know you love him (her) but don’t let those feelings cloud your judgment. Have you ever been so involved in a relationship that you completely forgot about yourself? What did you do in that situation? Do you know any other advice you could give us on how not to let your life revolve around your partner? Please share your tips with us!

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Never heard it like this before. This is awesome. I always knew at times one needs to have his/her me-time otherwise what used to be sweet may become bitter. We women need to apply this, Its about loving yourself. when you see a woman that loves herself, you will love to be her friend. Life is too short. We should learn to live life everyday like its your last.

This is sooo helpful! I'm pretty in this situation were I'm all about my partner. I've kinder neglected my friends, I haven't even been out in awhile & I've put sooo much weight on :( It's gotten to the point where I basically baby my partner : ehk! I will definitely keep these steps in mind.. :)

that's why we always need girlfriend to hang out once a while...be away for a while...

I talk to some friends throughout the week, and we haven't lost that friendship because of my relationship. But then again I work everyday and see my boyfriend only on the weekends because we both work everyday and the weekends is the only time we see eachother

Yeah Thats a trap nobody's wants to fall into cuz once it's over u will regret the time u didn't use to focuse on the other stuff that were basically important to you before he actually stepped in to our lives..

Good article, i'm trying to see some of my friends at the moment and it's a bit hard, i have one girl friend who i hardly ever see and never have a boring moment with hoping to see her sometime soon! Everyone's so busy, i'm always waiting - even waiting for my man at times..

I wish I knew this things long time ago .


Very Helpful 👏😌

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