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When we get in a relationship, it’s very tempting to rush things along. After all, things are so great; they’re only going to get better, right? While there’s some truth to that, there are also many reasons to take things slowly. Here are 7 of them for you to consider.

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It’s Best when Things Happen Naturally

When you rush your relationship, you’re killing the natural vibe you’ve got going between the two of you. Without that, you don’t have a great setting for love to bloom. If you allow your relationship to develop naturally then it’ll have the best feel. Your relationship also has the best chance of a future when you allow things to happen naturally. This point is a great reason not to rush your relationship!


You’ll Have Better Memories

Letting things happen between you and your honey without rushing them has many benefits, one of which is this one. You’ll have amazing memories when you allow things to go slowly. You won’t be focused on how fast things are going. Instead, you’ll be focused on savoring every step of your advancing relationship. I love remembering the period of time when my husband and I slowly got to know each other and our amazing year of dating.


It Won’t Feel Forced

Rushing things makes them feel forced. They don’t feel real and who wants to lose things being authentic? When you feel tempted to rush things, choose to instead relax and trust destiny. If you’re meant to have a future together then you’ll eventually know that. Be patient with the process!


You’ll Know What You Have is the Real Deal

When you allow things to develop slowly between the two of you then you’ll have the gift of knowing what you have is real. Nothing is fake or forced; it’s sincere and true. That feeling is such a blessing to have in your relationship. Treasure that you’re real with each other and that you’re accepting of each other’s need for time in growing closer as a couple. You’ll never regret your decision to give each other the space to commit when it’s right.


Dating is Fun

Dating is fun, ladies! So why rush it? Yes, marriage is wonderful but it can also have some difficult days to work through. And that’s true of any marriage I’ve ever known, even couples that are more in love as the years go by. Marriage has its own beauty but enjoy this fun and carefree time in your relationship.


You’ll Be Less Stressed

You’ll be so much less stressed when you stop trying to make things happen. Trust fate to handle your relationship. Who wants to always be stressed? Very few people. Give yourself the gift of relaxing in your relationship.


There’s a Lot of Value in Just Enjoying Your Journey

This is such an important lesson to learn in many areas of your life. Your romantic relationship is absolutely one this lesson can apply to. Enjoy where you are right now as a couple, whether you’ve just met, are talking, casually or seriously dating, engaged or married. The destination isn’t always the most important thing. Be present in today and you’ll love life a lot more.

These are 7 great reasons to take things slow in your relationship. Have you ever rushed things? You’re always welcome to share your experiences.

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I need a boyirend

Take it E-Z. Just don't be easy.

🙌🏼 love this!

I can help me how too in love you get too be so happy and so sos sad about it an also can but I can use can help me and Shannon can just let I love my boy and k can get something for but can my have big

Very well written

I think this one is really good... It was told by my friends that it needs to be fast when u date someone. Get into the relationship quickly. But I don't wanna to force myself into a relationship as I want to know more about that person. This article helps to make my kind clear!!

Love this!

I know that one time This one of me and also can but I ca help

I love many of this writer's articles. Alicia Fannin has incredibly solid insight.

Sometimes the faster it goes, the faster it ends.

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