7 Must Know Secrets to Lasting Lifelong Love ...


All of us who are in a relationship are looking for the secrets to lifelong love. We all want to have that in our relationship. We want to know what makes it last forever. Well, I don’t have all of the answers but I do know some of the secrets to lifelong love.

1. Be Truly Committed to One Another

Being truly committed to one another is one of the best secrets to lifelong love. Have the attitude that you are together forever, no matter what happens. Having the attitude that break up or divorce is not an option for your relationship is the attitude that will help keep you together. Knowing that you are in this for the long haul helps to give you both security. There is nothing better than knowing that your partner's devotion to you is strong.

Be Faithful


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Ally McCarthy
Laughter!!! My boyfriend\'s parents have been married 40 years and they are still best friends because they make each other laugh.
I think it\'s important to give each other time for yourselves, too. You\'ll have more to talk about and doing things on your own makes you more interesting for your partner 😊
Kaley Jaid
What helps my relationship stay strong is having that trust and don\'t let other people come in between your relationship and always be committed no madder what because love never fails
I like this .
This Helped 💕
Marjorie Ng
Thank you! Good relationship advice
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