11 Essential Things You Should Tell Your Partner Every Day ...


11 Essential Things You Should Tell Your Partner Every Day ...
11 Essential Things You Should Tell Your Partner Every Day ...

There are certain things you should tell your partner every single day. Relationships are so fulfilling and rich, but they're hard to nurture and maintain if you aren't both on the same page. You have to let your partner know that you feel love, respect, relaxation, passion, attraction, and other things that are unique to your partner and your relationship. He or she needs to tell you the same things, of course, so after reading up on some essential things you should tell your partner, why not share what you've learned?

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I Love You

“I love you” is unquestionably one of the most important things you should tell your partner each day. It's something you can say both with and without words, but you do need to say it out loud as much as you can. Some people don't like to over-state it, so stick with what makes your comfortable. You just need to make sure your partner knows how much you love him or her.


You're Sexy

Although physical attraction and affection aren't the most important aspects of a relationship, they're still vital. Your partner needs to know you find him or her attractive. Tell your partner that he or she is sexy, beautiful, handsome, gorgeous, pretty – whatever applies. The point is to make it clear that you want your partner, you need your partner, and the spark is still there.


I Want to Be with You

I don't mean this in a sexual way. Rather, let your partner know that you love spending time with him or her. You each need time to yourselves, with your friends or family members. The time you spend together is vital to the success and happiness of your relationship, though, so let your partner know you value that time.


I Love the Way You...

Praise your partner's strengths, habits, talents, and hobbies. Let your boyfriend know that you love the way he focuses so hard on completing missions in his video games. Tell your girlfriend that you adore watching her get enveloped in a good book. Compliment your spouse on how wonderfully he or she interacts with your children. It doesn't have to be a big or important thing, just think about what you love watching your partner do.


You're so Good at...

Back to talents, what does your partner do well? Does he or she know you appreciate that talent? If not, make sure you say so. Compliment a talent for taking photos, cooking, or even mowing the lawn. Show appreciation and it will come back to you in spades.


You're My Favorite

Ideally, your partner should be your best friend. You're with him or her because of a sense of completion. Make sure he or she knows that it's still true. Tell your husband that he's your best friend. Let your girlfriend know that she's still your favorite person to spend time with, even though you're always together.


You do a Great Job

Whether your partner works in a corporate position, is a stay at home parent, writes, or simply cleans the house, show your appreciation here too. Heather works at Marriott, and she's their superstar. I let her know as often as possible that I think she's amazing, because I would get fired after five seconds in her position. Let your partner know you're paying attention to those big accomplishments.


I Respect You

Respect is so essential in a relationship, and it's something we all too often forget to show. Life gets in the way, or we act disrespectfully during an argument. That happens, but you can alleviate the strain by taking a moment each day to let your partner know that you have so much respect for him or her. It will mean the world.


Thank You

“Thank you” is another phrase people take for granted too frequently. Whether your partner stopped by the store to get some milk, filled up your car, or brought you flowers, say “thank you.” You can express your thanks in non-verbal ways as well, just make sure it's known.


How Are You Feeling?

You have to be interested in your partner – and, of course, your partner has to be interested in you. Take a moment each day to ask your partner how things are going. Inquire about his or her feelings, even if it's been a normal day. However, make sure you also ask when you suspect that your partner has had a bad day.


I Miss You

I miss Heather all the time. She might be at work, getting her hair cut, or in Michigan, but I miss her like crazy when she's not with me – and I tell her whenever it happens. You should tell your partner too, if it's true. Let him or her know that whenever you're not together, you definitely notice and the absence affects you.

There are many other things you should say to your partner, as the opportunities arise. Let him or her know how much you value special traits and talents, tell him or her your favorite things, and boost your partner the way you want him or her to boost you. Is there anything you make it a point to say every single day?

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ii wish my bf would say these things =

I do this once a week for the one I love.

true true

But he's not.. I love hearing them.. I shud say them more often to him.. good article

I have been married 11 yrs & together 15 yrs. We actually say all of these & it's extremely important for a great partnership!

I Love you

Number 3 is especially important I want my girl in my arms and close by. That unity brings us together as one and it's very peaceful and relaxing

my partner says these & more but i get called beautiful over the word sexy, definately prefer to be called beautiful than sexy, in my opinion.

My boyfriend and I say this litterally every day to each other!

this is me all day everyday,my boyfriend is overseas and it's important for him to know he's still relevant although he's away

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