7 Ingredients for a Great Relationship That is as Solid as a Rock ...


7 Ingredients for a Great Relationship That is as Solid as a Rock ...
7 Ingredients for a Great Relationship That is as Solid as a Rock ...

Relationships are never easy, so if you need a bit of guidance, here are some essential ingredients for a great relationship. Think of this list as a flexible blueprint to follow as you navigate the waters of your own love life. The ingredients for a great relationship can help you create and sustain a happy and healthy long-term relationship.

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Show Appreciation

Many couples unintentionally steer their relationships to Breakupsville by taking their partner for granted. One of the ingredients for a great relationship is to show appreciation for each other. For example, leave him a sexy message on a steamy mirror while he’s showering. Or place a small note with a loving message in an unexpected place. It’s the little things that can mean so much in a relationship.


Learn to Fight Fair

Arguments are inevitable, but knowing how to fight fairly can increase the longevity of your relationship. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to focus on being the the winner of the argument with little regard to your partner’s viewpoint or feelings. Since the two of you are a team, look for ways to resolve the issue rather than worrying about who is wrong or who is right. Avoid fighting dirty, like calling each other hostile names or slinging insults, because major damage can be done to your relationship.


Trust Each Other

Trust is the foundation on which all the other relationship elements have to stand. You can have every other element that makes up a happy relationship, but your relationship will not survive long-term without trust. Learning to trust can take a long time especially if one of you has been betrayed by an ex. Do everything in your power not to break the trust in your relationship because sometimes it can’t be repaired.


Make Communication a Priority

Communication is the lifeblood of a great relationship. It’s vital that those lines of communication are always open. Make an effort to keep talking even when issues are uncomfortable, painful or awkward to discuss. You have to keep talking to work out your problems because ignoring them won’t make them magically disappear.


Be Protective of Each Other

To be protective of your mate means that you are attuned to his feelings and needs and react accordingly. It means that you don’t purposely hurt him with your words and actions. It also means that you respect your relationship and honor your commitment that you made to each other. Even though there are millions of people on this planet, a deep connection with someone is difficult to find, so protect it.


Spending Time Together

The reason your relationship blossomed is because you enjoyed spending time together. Neglecting the relationship and turning to outside interests rather than making time for each other can be a fatal mistake. It’s vital that you find common interests that you both enjoy to increase your bond and nourish your relationship. Have fun together as much as possible because life is meant to be enjoyed.


Be Willing to Put in the Hard Work

A relationship will always have its ups and downs because things such as feelings, relationship needs and challenges are constantly changing. Never forget that it’s a living entity that always requires nurturing and care. In order for a relationship to work, two people must be committed to be the overseer and tend to its needs. One person can’t do it alone and it’s a waste of time trying to salvage a one-sided relationship.

Those are just a few vital ingredients if you want to have a healthy and loving relationship. A relationship takes a lot of time and effort so give your heart to a guy that will cherish it and is worthy of receiving it. Ladies what other ingredients are needed for a great relationship that is solid as a rock?

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My x used to put notes in my pillow about how much he loved me and then he broke up with me so I think we should add the "do not say more than you feel" to the list for sure. I am good now I am in a new relationship and I am really happy.

The little things make it last, when my boyfriend was stressed I made him a DESTRESS basket, I put in a back massage voucher, chocolate cookies, gym passes, fancy tea and lots of little bits! Support is important!

I wish my x could read this article. Instead of following his friends path got tired of dealing with someone who acts there shoe size! Need to upgrade to coach material

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