10 Must-Know Tips on How to Sextext ...


10 Must-Know Tips on How to Sextext ...
10 Must-Know Tips on How to Sextext ...

Do you know how to sextext? I didn't either, until the Better Half wanted to try it. It took a while for me to figure it out, but once I learned how to sextext, it became addicting! It's a fun, flirty way to really spice up your sex life and make your partner feel wanted. So ladies, are you ready to learn how to sextext?

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Write Clear & Concise

The first tip is definitely the most important. When you are learning how to sextext, you want to write everything out clear. It can kill the mood if your constantly asking what your boyfriend is talking about or what is happening in the scene. Know romance novels? Think of those scenes and try to write like that!


No Short-Cuts

When you're learning how to sextext, you shouldn't take any short-cuts. I know the iPhone has a bunch of pictures that you can choose from, such as kissing and smiley faces, but when you're sextexting, it's your words that your boyfriend wants to read! So ditch the shortcuts and really dig deep for those words.


Talk about It with Your Partner First

Before you immediately start to learn how to sextext, you want to make sure that you are discussing things with your boyfriend beforehand. Maybe he isn't into sextexting. It should be something that is mutual, definitely not decided on a whim one day.


No Acronyms

Remember when I said that you want to write clear and concise? Well ladies, that means that no LMAO or LOL. Leave the internet talk to the internet, when you are learning how to sextext, it should be all about your words. Plus, do you really know all of the acronyms out there? I know I don't!


Go at the Same Pace as Your Partner

When you're sextexting, you never want to rush into anything, you want to make sure that you are going at the same exact pace as your partner. If you two are in two different places in the scene, it can be confusing and super unsexy. So keep the pace slow at first but speed it up when you start to get the hang of it!


No Photos

No matter how much you want to sex a photo of you to your boyfriend during this, don't. It can feel right at the time, but what happens if you break up and he keeps that sexy photo of you? This is a dangerous generation to be sending sexy pictures to anyone. Just stick to just words!


Get Creative

Learning how to sextext is all about being creative! Why shouldn't you get a little nutty, get a little creative when you're typing out some words with your partner? Live out all of the fantasies that you've been dying to reveal.


Be Descriptive

Now, nobody expects you to write a complete novel, but the more descriptive you are, the better the sextexting can be. So get a little wordy if you want to and who knows, maybe that can filter into your real life too. Every guy likes a girl that can dirty talk a little bit right?


Play out Your Fantasies

Remember when I said that you should play out your fantasies? Well, sextexting allows you to do that! So really get into the characters that you're playing and who knows, maybe this will spark some new life into your sex life.


Leave No Evidence

Finally ladies, because people are constantly into looking into other people's phones, make sure that when you are done sextexting, you leave no evidence at all. Who knows, maybe one of your friends grabs your phone accidentally and then will see your entire conversation with your lover. Just delete the messages and leave no evidence!

There you have it ladies! These are the top 10 tips on how to sextext! If you are thinking about sextexting, jut remember, these are just a few of the tips. So ladies, do you now feel confident in your ways of learning how to sextext? Have you ever done it before?

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I don't sextext with my boyfriends. I do it with my guy friends. We're all like, friends with benefits.

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